Your home wine cellar – spectacular ideas for a stylish interior


A solid person should have everything solid. Respectability of your home will add a spectacular wine cabinet. Here are a few ideas on how to create such a design.

Niche in the wall behind the glass.

In the kitchen there must be an unused corner.

You can store bottles in the dining room.

A non-standard attic is also a suitable option.

The built-in niche saves space.

Use the space above the fridge.

Wall as a wine storage.

Niche in the brickwork.

Two in one – storage and at the same time a demonstration of the alcohol collection. Quite inventive. And it looks attractive.

Pay attention to the place under the stairs.

Without prejudice to the design.

Another interesting idea.

Create shelves and compartments. It does not take much space, and the picture turns out beautiful.

The wine is inside the countertop. Perfect solution!

A large kitchen island.

Interior of warm colors.

The island top is ideal for drawers, shelves and compartments.

How differently one can treat the same phenomenon. Wine! For some, it becomes an addiction. Others perceive the drink as a work of art. And then the wine collection stylishly fits into the interior of the house.

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Unlike expensive and costly ways of arrangement of a wine cellar, this one is no less attractive and more accessible. Having made efforts in the restructuring or adjustment of their homes, a noble and refined design can emerge. Personally for myself I picked up some useful tips.

For me, so the attic is an ideal option. These window racks with illumination, transparent glass doors and colorful bottles in them look very impressive, and are a full-fledged, and maybe the main part of interior design. And in the interior of the kitchen I like unobtrusive vertical compartments for bottles.

To make a wine cellar in the living room is rather a kind of boasting before the guests who will see the entire collection. But the storage in the kitchen is the most optimal option, the main thing is that the series was not hot. Under the stairs to store, then a good option, and often this place is not occupied.

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