Wooden kitchen set in the interior of a small apartment


wooden kitchen set

Designers of the studio have developed a wooden kitchen set in the interior design of a small apartment.

As a rule, experts avoid too massive furnishings, but this solid combination is so attractive that it has every chance of winning the sympathy of both homeowners and recognized experts.

Authors managed to play in contrast. In a completely white room of a small area, but with high ceilings is a modern dark-colored suite. Undoubtedly, it stands out against the general background, but it can not be said that it dominates the interior.

In general, the composition looks very nice. The yellow lamps are a fervent stroke, without which the picture would not have been completed. The kitchen is decorated in a very modern and original style.

small kitchen set for apartment

interior kitchen set

wooden kitchen interior design

apartment kitchen set

How do you like this wooden kitchen set design idea?

The interior design of the kitchen with a wooden kitchen set for small kitchens is a very cool solution. The wooden kitchen island looks great and well replaces the dining table which is very important for small kitchens in terms of space saving. Excellent designer kitchen with a wooden kitchen set.

Using a wooden kitchen set to decorate the kitchen interior is a winning option, I like how the kitchen looks cozy. I have a wooden decoration associated with warmth and naturalness.

It seems to me too much contrast between white walls and such a wooden kitchen set. I can not say that I really liked this design, and maybe I would have made the walls not so white, because it seems that the set just put, without thinking about how well it will fit into the overall picture.

In general, I very much like a tree, but here too the sharp transition from a calm stream and walls to a bright brown color. Behold, the tree itself would have a better look and a shorter wall would look much more courteous. Perhaps someone like this style will like, because, as they say, the taste and color of friends are not.

We are glad to welcome you to our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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