Wood stove in the interior of home cooking – for those who can not imagine their life without pizza


Currently, wood stoves in home cooking are no longer exotic. In this arrangement, you can prepare several options for food: from chicken to bread. And they will all have a unique taste. Many people only dream about such a smart bonus for a modern kitchen.

In cold weather, you can simply light wood and cook in front of an open fire. And at this time friends or family members will communicate and relax next to you. Perhaps, you need this piece of furniture for your next kitchen?

Installation of a wood-burning stove requires careful planning and close attention to detail. First of all, it will be necessary to build a concrete base, which will withstand the weight of the stone. Such a project is best entrusted to professional masons.

The walls of the furnace are made of clay and refractory bricks, capable of withstanding high temperatures and retaining heat for a long time. External cladding can be made from any other materials for finishing works.

Interior design by Ford Creative Group

In front of you is a traditional stone exterior, harmoniously complementing the warm atmosphere of this kitchen with wooden furniture.

Interior design by Billy Beson Company

I like that in the design of this wood-burning stove there are several viewing windows, when it is lit, you can observe bursts of fire.

If you practice baking large batches of bread or other dishes, then a rectangular stove to the ceiling (as in the photo) will provide enough space for cooking culinary masterpieces.

The French Tradition Design Idea

This product of stove production will allow you to bake food faster, you will have to wait until you warm up. I recommend this option also for a convenient bonus – in the lower part there is enough storage space for logs and quick ignition.

Typically, a wood stove needs 1-1,5 hours to reach its optimum temperature. Thermometers made of stainless steel will help you to determine the temperature regime. Some models come with built-in sensors. Keep in mind that you will need some kind of screen or door to get accurate readings.

Design idea Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

After the furnace is heated, the heat is stored in thick walls and is radiated uniformly throughout the interior space of the oven dome. The lower part of the oven stays several degrees cooler, which helps the pizza stay soft inside, but has a crispy crust on the outside. And do not forget to buy a scapula for taking out ready-made dishes!

Design idea of ​​Visbeen Architects

Appearance Woodburning stoves in the interior Private home is always associated with considerable time and money. If you plan to build one built-in oven in your kitchen, then in addition to accounting for the cost of materials and labor of masons, you will need to add the costs for the exhaust fan and air duct (which is plus about 2 000 $).

But there are also cheaper options – portable and modular kiln sets on wood fuel, which are equipped with the same functionality, but without individual design. The cost of these sets, as a rule, varies from 6 500 $ to 13 000 $, depending on the size and material.

Southview Design Design Idea

If you do not have the opportunity to turn on the pizza oven in kitchen space organization, then we can consider the option of bringing into the yard of its reduced version. Regardless of whether you choose an internal or external way of installing a wood-burning stove, always check your local design standards. And before the development of the project, talk with the construction inspector.

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