Wood in the interior of the kitchen: the secrets of the decor


A tree in the interior of the kitchen will uniquely complement the decoration with comfort. More and more people around the world are now inclined to design houses in the eco-style, using natural materials.

Products from the worn-out beams perfectly fit into any interior.

Wood you can make a table, hood, shelves, walls – everything will look amazing.

Unique Kitchen Island

Today the owners of even small rooms try to have such a functional piece of furniture. To beat it with old wood is inexpensive, but it will look very impressive.

The shabby inserts in the shiny new kitchen will make the interior more habitable and homey.

Wood heat

Experts will confirm that the old material is not found in stores. The natural process of aging gives a unique divorce. With this kind of wood, you can decorate ceilings and walls.

Originality and comfort will be provided.

Marine themes

If you like ship or beach styles, then the used tree will fit into the interior with ease. The material can be coated with paint or lacquer of the right shades to create a suitable atmosphere.

Beyond Modernity

Small neat wooden details look charming. However, many do not confine themselves to trifles, completely covering the floor with wood, walls and ceilings of kitchens.

Here, and furniture can be made to match.

Whatever the style of your housing, the tree will decorate any decor. Forests do not often happen! Tell your friends about these decorating ideas!

I saw the article in time! Friends just offered old boards that were left from the construction site. Now I have nothing to think about – I will take and make upholstery in the kitchen. Thanks for the photos – I got excellent ideas. Although not a full-fledged wooden house I will build, but partially realize the plan.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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