Wood in the interior of the kitchen as the basis of an elegant image: we draw inspiration from natural materials


Are you in search of inspiration or guidance for creating the kitchen of your dreams? Do you want to bring the design to its logical conclusion in order to realize the project of your house in an ideal way? You can find the answer using the color variety and versatility of the tree.

This material is very convenient to become a key aspect of the interior of modern cuisine. Inserts, periodically found here and there in the decoration, or a room completely decorated with wood, demonstrate the need for comfort and beauty. Open gardens on the roof, original sets – all these are inspirational ideas for decorating a house from warm raw materials.

Material for the heart of your kitchen

Such a kitchen, like a living being, is filled with emotions living in the house. She, figuratively speaking, attracts family members to herself, gathering relatives together to create a special atmosphere of unity and ease.

Someone reached for the plate, and the other stretched out his hands to the towel, someone forgot to replenish the ice reserves, but everything is in a good mood, the whirlpool of events of the past captures everyone. So the family is assembled. And the warm surfaces of furniture enhance the sense of connection between old memories and attract new ones.

These eco-friendly country-style kitchens are part of the residential complex in Aspen, Colorado. Their design was developed by Oppenheim Architect & Design as a modern cooking area with stone floors, with a steel-tinted wooden countertop. The view from the window with forests and mountain scenery makes the use of natural materials and modern forms in this magnificent kitchen even more urgent.

The next version of the kitchen of the country house of Anna-Lisa and Peter Zumtorov creates a feeling of unity with the snowy landscape outside the window. Using wood as a design solution brings a sense of warmth and comfort, despite the cold steel fittings.

This material has always been highly valued as a building material, and also as a means of making a profit. Eventually it became our natural need. Look after every detail of the tree you are touching, because it has its own history and keeps traces of our presence.

Space versus compactness, luxury versus minimalism

Practical, functional and, above all, attractive kitchens are available in all shapes and sizes. All rooms, from spacious and open to compact and well equipped with comfortable fittings, cause a feeling of warmth and comfort. This rarely boasts a set of furniture made of a different material.

Luxury glass showcases create the impression of lightness and airiness of space. The texture and color of the tree, the uniqueness of the geometry of the surface pattern, the inspirational design are integrated into the wooden architecture.

Such California residences, for example Jendretzki, designed as a dream home, include not only large wooden parts, but also a creative solution for the division of space. Behind the wooden kitchen are rationally designed sliding doors, behind which there is a bathroom with the length of the kitchen.

Wooden sets have a special appeal. Even if there are black details here, the feeling of naturalness remains. Intelligent lighting brings harmony into this seemingly sharp kitchen design from Studio Fanetti. The use of golden larch in modern interior design, which seems to have been carved out of a solid block, creates a sense of homogeneity throughout the house.

Bright colors can be used to bring in the interior a certain sharpness and vigor. The shades blend well and create a dynamic, playful atmosphere. In such a space, cooking produces more pleasure, and life acquires new colors.

The heart of the Italian village house is the kitchen, which occupies most of the room where cooking, eating and socializing are combined in one place. The warm and cozy atmosphere of the matt waxed pine emphasizes the location of the villa in the spectacular Dolomite mountains and even more to communicate.

The minimalism style is also ideal for demonstrating the beauty of a tree. Matharoo Associates have outdone themselves in creating such a creative kitchen for the Indian house in the photo below.

The room, decorated with wood and ultramodern materials, with wooden kitchen utensils, only emphasizes the different textures and variety of shapes. Wooden surfaces bring brightness and naturalness, and touching them reminds of nature.

Brick walls, as it were, emphasize modern design, which unites various materials in the interior. In the example below, the stunning townhouse was designed by William Raynero.

The severe appearance of concrete leads to other thoughts about the modern environment with soft hints of your love of nature, underlined by the presence of wooden textures. The kitchen of an industrial kind is especially combined with beautiful wooden furniture.

Now you have where to draw inspiration. Choose your favorite color and wood texture and transform your kitchen.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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