Wonderful children's for the girl: off with the traditional approach and obdurate dogma!


A room for a girl in atypical shades

Your daughter came into being very recently, and do you dream of creating a magnificent children's room for her? Or is she already a teenager, almost adult, and her room is an important personal space? Choosing the right one color scheme for children can be difficult, especially if you try to avoid the pink shade, the traditional for the girls' room.

If you still want a modern and beautiful shade, try to find a suitable idea among the projects below.

Looking for impact points

For each girl's room, you can find the preferred shades and themes to create a beautiful color palette without the boring pink-violet impregnations. Pay attention to natural natural tones – wormwood-green, coral, multi-layered gray, light green, perfectly suited for complex female interior.

It color registration of children'sis great for teenagers who want to appear adults and see their room as a refuge where one can hide from the outside world.

Baby for girls in neutral tones

Choose modern, or better, timeless shades

Choose the actual colors

Recently, children have a fairly modern look, allowing the child to grow up, not "overgrowing" the design too quickly. To any setting, any girl will like red, Burgundy, brown, shading lighter peach, golden and bronze.

And remember: pink is not yet outlawed! Just try new dominant color combinations. Perhaps they will create the image that you are looking for.

Dissolve the pink to almost white, only hinting at femininity

Gender neutral colors in her room

Arguing about non-standard shades, why not try gender neutral colors for the children's room, which equally like boys and girls? Sky blue, herbal, chocolate, yellow and orange work perfectly in any interior, regardless of the sex or age of the child.

These tones are preferable for children, where the brother and sister live, or for rooms that should not be too different from other rooms in the house. Walk around the children's department stores, rage in your favorite magazines, wander around our site and be sure to find an inspiring idea.

Gender neutral shades and patterns in a cute nursery

You can create a traditional room for a little princess, naive and chaste, but with non-standard colors you will turn Child's room in an oasis that your child will sincerely love. Ask your older daughter what colors she likes in her clothes, this will help you decide the choice.

For a little girl, use the color palette that you like. And know that the number of interior options for your baby, where she will happily grow and grow, is truly boundless!

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The designers of the interiors of the children's rooms for the girl chose modern, timeless and gender neutral shades to create an unusual and unusual oasis for the little princess. Lightly pastel colors give tenderness and comfort to these rooms.

Beautiful rooms! It looks interesting without regard to sex in color and style. When you do without a child, it will probably be an ideal option. And if the daughter is near, of course, it is better to confer.

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