White or coffee with milk – how to achieve harmony of color solutions in the interior of the kitchen


Kitchen in white color is perceived by people as cozy and domestic. However, do not think that everything in it should be white. There are many tones that are surprisingly combined with the basic white color and complement each other. Let's consider some variants of its use and connection to it of other color decisions.

Yellow is the shade that must necessarily be present where the snow-white is the main tone. It is this combination that gives the room freshness and cheerful notes that lift the mood.

Here is the original proposal: place a pair of yellow lamps over the kitchen table and at the top of the walls. Add to this combination a few brown chairs – and the colors will be perfectly matched.

If you love nature, reflect it, adding green color. You can use different shades and competent lighting in the kitchen to give the situation a complete and holistic view.

The combination of white countertops and shades of green in the design of the cabinets will add a kitchen of lightness and brightness. This option is perfect for furniture fittings made of stainless steel and wooden floors.

Do you want something more luxurious? At your service is the color of fuchsia. But note that there is no need to make it the basic shade. You can paint the floor in this color or bar chairs and lamps. A few elements of a muffled black hue will be a harmonious addition.

White is not your favorite color? Try using the color of ivory. For example, floor tiles of this shade in combination with blue will look great on the space between the stove and the cabinets.

Do you have any idea how else you can use white in the kitchen? What shade would you like to add to the basic light? Share your thoughts!

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