White color in the modern kitchen interior – a win-win solution for creating a stylish image


White kitchens are no less in demand than stainless steel in the interior of this room. It is widely used in the manufacture of household appliances and other types of kitchen equipment. Although its cold metallic shine and it costs a lot of money.

Along with it, white color is frenzied. It adds space and light, especially to a small room. We offer you some examples of its use in the kitchen.

In the past, this color was more than once fashionable and popular. And today, furniture and appliances of such pure coloring create a kind of futuristic look, an image of the kitchen room of the future.

In this photo there is a wide variety of finishing materials. A glittering metal furniture fittings, a bright wooden floor, a dark table-top are all surrounded by cupboards and boxes of pure milk color.

To the white household appliances you can add a metal ventilation outlet. Interior stylistics will not suffer from this.

Here, stainless steel is used as a contrast finish only on some parts, rather than on all household appliances.

Dark furniture in this bright modern room has a contrasting white border.

Here is a traditional kitchen with a snow-white oven, corresponding to the general color of the rest of the furniture. This old-fashioned stove, thanks to its alabaster color, successfully fits into modern decor.

A room with a rich color flavor is a mixture of styles. A variety of materials for furniture production have been used. But the technique of stainless steel is likely to be out of place here.

If you have a snow-white, but already an old refrigerator, it is enough to change the handles, and it will look like a new one. True, they should be the same shape as on drawers.

Dishwashers or other kitchen appliances can be successfully hidden in cabinets. This is the current trend.

The refrigerator can be of any color, but in this cupboard it does not in the least contradict the general color of the kitchen.

The white color in the limited space works wonders. He sort of pushes the interior, emphasizing cleanliness and freshness.

Stylish furniture for the kitchen, modern cupboards and drawers – everything is entirely white, except for wide door handles made of stainless steel.

If your home appliances are of different brands and brands, then the opportunity to hide it creates a feeling of visual unity, integrity of design. To achieve this harmony is possible only with white devices.

Dairy gamma of kitchen equipment seems quite natural in the country or in a country cottage.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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