Where childhood goes – fashion trends in the design of a room for a teenage girl


Gray-white scale with bright accents on the floor

If your child has grown up for adulthood, and the room is still left in childhood, then you need to quickly change the design of the room.

No children's images and bright wallpaper. For a young girl you need to find a place for a dressing room and dressing table.

Convenient workplace for a girl 18 years old

First you need to develop a project that the hostess herself will approve.

Ask her what colors she prefers, what she wants to see in the décor of her room and which style is preferable to her.

One girl likes a strict style (modern, hi-tech or classic), others love romance and simplicity.

Unusual storage of necessary things

Different directions of room zones

Many functions are combined in one maiden room – a bedroom, a living room and an office. In a small space it is not easy to place everything.

Before arranging the furniture in the bedroom, you need to distribute all the zones. The space is divided into sleeping, resting and living areas.

Black walls with bright accents of furniture

Furniture extravaganza for 18 summer girl

There should be a comfortable and multifunctional furniture, as it is not only a bedroom, but a living room. A sofa or a small sofa will perfectly fit into this project.

The table for classes should be original and not cluttering the space with comfortable shelves above it.

The dressing table is also one of the main pieces of furniture in the maid's house. The most real will be a small chest of drawers with a mirror.

To a young lady feel comfortable in her house, you need to lay out soft pillows and small padded stools on the floor.

Chess order on the surfaces of wardrobes

Wardrobe – the best helper for the cute little girl

Wardrobe should always be in one place. For such a storage system, the best solution would be a compact wardrobe with several doors or a roomy adjacent room.

Family wealth affects the volume of the dressing room. And if the bedroom is small, then the closet closet.

Things hidden behind sliding panels

Natural inserts of surfaces of lockers

  • The company Dielle came up with an interior for a young girl in the style of minimalism.

Gray rectangles with multi-colored inserts

Bed in the form of a car with bright colors

Comfortable mat color wet asphalt

Large drawers for bed linen

  • Cameretta K09c – a series of interiors from the Italian company Dielle.

Large racks in a bright room

Contrast solutions in the design of walls and floor

Yellow bed in soft furnishings

  • Cameretta K22 – a series of interiors from the company Dielle from Italy.

Everything is simple and unordinary

  • Cameretta K27b – a series of interiors from the Italian company Dielle.

Compact cabinets hanging on the walls

Workplace with white armchair

  • Cameretta K29 – a series of interiors from the company Dielle from Italy.

Exclusive central luminaire

An example of a design project from the studio Dielle from the Cameretta K31 series

Bed on wheels – the original solution for a young creature

A universal idea for any gender

Interior image from the company Dielle from the Cameretta X03 series

White and black sneakers on the green box of the locker

Corner table for comfortable lessons for girls

A sunny room filled with vitamin "D"

The Italian firm Dielle and its serial interior Cameretta X09

Cozy and soft room in pink and purple tones

Upper level with convenient clothing storage system

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At 16-18, the girl herself already knows exactly what she wants the room, what she likes and does not like, therefore, in the design of the room you need to focus primarily on the hostess. Just like allocating zones – a dressing room and dressing table, of course, are necessary for all girls, but suddenly your will want to combine this and take more space for the library or the corner of the sport. Here everything is individual.

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