What should be the design of the summer kitchen, that she wanted to cook all year round


Summer – it's time for picnics, barbecues and parties in the open air. But activities designed as entertainment, in fact, can be very tiring because of the need to constantly cruise between the kitchen and the yard to serve the next dish or take away the dishes.

Which exit? Furnish the kitchen in the garden or on the terrace. With her, the owners of the house can remain full participants of the party, and not on duty at the stove, afraid to digest spaghetti. Here are some tips to help make the kitchen outdoors comfortable, functional and attractive.


The kitchen in the open air should be as modern as the interior of your house. In other words, do not fill it with old-fashioned elements and sugary sweet accessories like aprons with the inscription "Kiss the Cook". Stylish and concise – these are the key characteristics of an ideal kitchen in the open air.


Kitchen in the open air, like any other, needs cabinets and drawers for storing utensils and other necessary things. Therefore, it is worth making sure that there are enough of them, even at the design design stage. Stainless steel furniture is ideal for summer kitchens.

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It is important to perceive the open kitchen as an independent space, which must be cozy, functional and organized. A reliable roof will allow you to cook in the rain, and well thought out equipment will eliminate the need to apply for "support" to the main kitchen.

Wood oven for pizza

What can be more delicious than pizza baked in a real wood oven? This device will not be idle without work!


Everyone who decides to equip the kitchen in the open air should consider the options for accommodation of family members and guests. A large table and comfortable chairs are mandatory. The refrigerator for drinks and the TV panel will be a pleasant addition to the design.


Most summer events take place in the evening, so you can not do without high-quality lighting in the kitchen. Who wants to cook with a flashlight? You can take an example from this well-equipped kitchen, in the ceiling of which is built a device that combines the functions of a fan and chandelier.


Better than black and white tiles, for kitchens, it seems, has not yet come up with anything. And summer kitchens are no exception. But everyone has the right to experiment and choose from a huge number of coatings offered by the market to create their own unique image.

A sink is needed in the summer kitchen. Especially if you plan to cook from raw meat. In general, this is the element that is worth spending time and money.

Perhaps we have forgotten something? Or do you have your own ideas for arranging kitchens in the open air? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

It's certainly very cool to have a summer kitchen. Where you can relax in the warm season. You can make it under the glass and in the evenings to admire the starry sky. Probably to the arrangement of such a kitchen you need to take into account more nuances than to the usual. Special stainless dishes, quality roof and floor and much more. And also there is the opportunity to implement the 2 version of the kitchen design in case the owners initially did not know on which option to stop at the house)))

Summer kitchen – an excellent solution for a house somewhere in the Mediterranean climate. However, when creating such a design, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors and features, which greatly complicates the creation of such a miracle. However, this is just a great idea, especially if you like to organize picnics together with a company of friends and relatives.

The article is interesting and after reading it there is something to think about. Yes, the summer kitchen is wonderful, but not very practical. There are many costs for equipment. This and the separate lighting and suitable furniture, equipment from suitable materials. And in fact, use such a kitchen will have a few days for the entire season.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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