What is the most popular kitchen design today – reflections on the results of the survey of our readers


Our review of the most popular photos of interiors continues, and today we will consider the design of the kitchen in a modern style. Neat little spaces, simple constructions (for example, floating shelves), organized pantry area, original lamps – all this is now especially popular. As for the architectural elements, the choice of many were coffered ceilings.

People have made this photo, showing how you can solve the problem of lack of space for cabinets with the mind. The floating shelf hangs in front of the window, but is positioned so that the view remains free, a large amount of light still penetrates into the room.

The same idea works in this popular kitchen. Everyone likes simple white ceramics in combination with warm colors of patterned carpets.

Our readers took note of the placement of a convenient shelf for cookbooks and magazines in this photo. Hanging lamps in the industrial style also became a hit.

And here is a lot of places where you can eat – at the bar of the island or in a cozy corner with a banquet. A large kitchen island and a subway tile have won many fans.

Readers liked this spacious and roomy kitchen. The open design of the vaulted ceiling and double-sided cabinets help to maintain a sense of freedom, even if a whole crowd of people dine here.

Could you assume that one of the most popular photos will not be professionally stylized, but exquisite space? Do you believe that this pantry is more popular than any other photo? Sometimes practicality prevails, first of all.

The metro tiles won a lot of fans, and its light green shade in the picture produces an unexpected effect. A deep sink in the style of a farmhouse is an ideal balance of form and functionality.

Another look at the popular combination of metro tiles and rural style washbasins.

Readers really liked the lamps in this spacious kitchen. In combination with the bubble over the banquet area, they make the interior style of the village industrial.

Kitchens like this, with white cupboards and glass doors, are chosen again and again.

Our users gravitate towards the kitchens with an island, which can also be used as a breakfast bar.

Many people liked the color palette of the room in this picture – the contrast of white cabinets and a black island. The beige tone of the walls is unobtrusive and dilutes the severity of the contrast.

Again, the combination of black and white, which here is shaded with wooden floors and decoration.

The tile from Heath Ceramics on this kitchen apron along with frosted cupboards made a sensation among our users.

This completely white kitchen includes many design features, such as coffered ceilings or such practical detail as a microwave oven hidden in an island.

Coffered ceilings!

The glossy ceiling of the beadboard and the contrasting color of the rear walls of the cabinets create an interesting visual effect.

Do you like the beadboard and the coffered ceiling in the previous photos? Then, you probably appreciate this magnificent design, which unites them into one.

Lily Gahagan told about the most popular kitchen interiors among readers.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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