What do cats prefer in the interior of the house?


What place do cats occupy in the interior of the house? The question may sound rather strange, but not for someone who is familiar with these animals.

As you know, fluffy purrs spend in the dream or in a dream for most of the day, independently choosing for themselves comfortable seats.

Cats in the interior of the house always look great

So is not it time to listen to the opinion of our smaller brothers and ask their ideas about the ideal home decor?

Maybe you think that cats do not know anything about design? In any case, they told us about the most relevant, according to their version, trends in this area.

Woolen and crocheted ornaments

Do not hide them in the closets, but keep close to the floor, so to speak, within reach, you know who.

Empty shelves

Probably, many people simply do not understand the true purpose of the shelves. They were not created at all to store things on them.

And if seriously, a beautiful shelf is itself an excellent interior decoration.

Carton boxes

This is perhaps the most affordable trend. Just order something in any online store, and as soon as you deliver the purchase, immediately release the box from the content and enjoy its simple, uncomplicated look.

Give your cat the opportunity to find practical application.

Tray with grass

This is something much more interesting than flowers in pots, which, unfortunately, can not be eaten. Tray with grass is a truly multifunctional object of decor.


It is especially good in combination with empty shelves. When the rays of the sun illuminate the farthest corners of the room, its interior is simply transformed. And you do not need to pay for it!

We hope our humorous review has lifted your spirits and helped to see the space around you through the eyes of a cat.

Maybe you know about any preferences of your pets?

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People who love cats and are ready to please their pets will definitely appreciate this article. Quite briefly and clearly described tips how to turn a pet's life into a fairy tale. After all, in fact, which cat does not like climbing on empty shelves, or jumping into a cardboard box? Which cat will not appreciate the wool carpet and much more?

Empty shelves are the most actual cat trend. It is necessary to release at least for a while any horizontal surface, as it is immediately occupied by a fluffy tenant. If there was not a shortage of space, I would arrange a whole city out of shelves for my cat.

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