What comes to the kitchen set from natural wood – the famous designer shares the secrets of the harmony of style


Do you want to learn the secrets of a harmonious combination of different styles? Today, together with Laura Gaskill, we will reveal several design secrets for our readers.

While painted cabinets are becoming increasingly popular, pieces of furniture made from natural wood remain a luxury that will always be in price.

Their color scheme is so diverse that it is sometimes difficult for owners to understand which interior will organically combine with the natural beauty of a tree. Ideas from famous designers will help to achieve a harmony of style in the interior of the kitchen.

Background for a red birch

The red birch bins look homely and homely on the background of a greyish-green glass tile and a gray granite countertop. Add some fresh flowers, pick up the dishes under color scheme of the room – and you will not want to leave this place. Also, on this light background, furniture from tinted "honey" oak or cherry will look good.

Framing for walnut cabinets

If you like the latest fashion trends, then dark wardrobes will look fabulously beautiful against the background of a light marble countertop. Gray tiled floor "Christmas tree" and glass gray-green tiles on the walls will only enhance the overall impression, bring contrast and modernity.

Design for dark sea oak

Cabinets of dark sea oak, marble countertops and kitchen apron of the same material look cold. Everything changes bright lighting, a wooden floor and a kitchen island, adding warmth to the interior. If the furniture in your kitchen is dark colors, then the shade of the tree for the floor is desirable to choose a few tones lighter.

Original Pendant Lights

Deep violet color is very well combined with the texture of wood, preferably red tones. Original lamps of the same shade in the form of inverted glasses quickly and simply update the kitchen.

The combination of turquoise and red

If you prefer red to all other colors, then the kitchen is a great place for color experiments. In this kitchen harmoniously blend bamboo cabinets with a rich turquoise shade of walls and tiles. Bright red chairs and ceramics on the open shelves give the mood, and Egyptian pendant lamps – exotic.

Yellow color scheme

Walls and tiles of butter color look charming if the kitchen furniture has a rich and rich yellow shade. We advise you to be more careful with light shades of oak or cherry tables – furniture of this color can get lost on the background of walls.

Addition to the natural beauty of a tree

If the kitchen has a beautiful chest of chestnut, then kitchen countertop The marble and light tiles on the walls will complement the natural beauty of the wood. Tiled seams should be made darker – they are easier to keep clean, and with a dark-colored luminaire they will perfectly match.

Dark gray walls of the kitchen

Such a color solution will appeal to lovers of dark colors in interior stylistics. Here, coal and dark gray do not suppress, but give the kitchen luxury and aristocracy.

Light boxes and open shelves made of wood are in harmony with the green walls and kitchen table of a clear sky-blue shade. The combination of such bright colors perfectly plays against the background of furniture and the floor of brown tones. It is rather a youthful interior, pleasing and amusing the inhabitants.

Combination for cherry cabinets

Combination for cherry cabinets

Cabinets of cherries will look home-like warm and cozy, if you pick them up materials for finishing works, as a tile on a wall of sky-blue shade, cream-colored paint and wooden floors of light tone.

As an option, the tiles on the wall can be grayish-blue, imitating a painted wooden board. The whole interior "breathes" in the thirties of the last century.

Decor for a pine floor

This cottage kitchen, where the focus of attention flooring from a pine, looks gracefully. The charm is given to the walls – from pale blue to gray-blue and blue shades.

In the kitchen there is no free space, and you want to add a little color to its design? Think about the decoration of the ceiling instead of the walls. This kitchen with light oak cupboards looks unique thanks to the blue ceiling, and not the standard white color. At the same time, the geometry of the room changes visually.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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