We work at home: modern design of home office


The design of the home office should create a working atmosphere

If it seems to you that your office can no longer fully perform its functions, you should think about updating its design. In this you will be helped by the interesting ideas that we proposed, the implementation of which will also help improve your efficiency.

It does not matter whether your home office is a management center for a fledgling business or just a nook, where you fill out accounts and browse websites, you deserve to have a space that reflects your style and meets your needs. We suggest together with us to consider 8 excellent examples and ideas that will help make your home office a place where you will enjoy spending time.

Make your wish list to the future cabinet. Allow yourself to dream about how you would like to see him. Do not limit yourself. List the colors, materials and specific pieces of furniture that you find most attractive and preferred. Inspired by the examples presented here, you can try to design the future interior with a special program. Keep a diary on hand and write down all the ideas that come to your mind.

Paint the bookcases in an unexpected color to take a new look at the familiar things

Striped chair will breathe new life into the familiar interior

How many people will use this room? Will other seven members have access to it? If you run a business from home, will you take in the clients’ office? Answer these questions and, if necessary, plan the expansion of the workspace and the placement of several additional chairs for visitors.

Combine traditional elements (crystal chandelier, curtains with drapery) with ultramodern chairs and decor, aged in white, so that the cabinet looks more interesting.

Beautiful chairs – for visitors

Do you have paper documents and work materials stored in your office? If the answer is no, you should review the requirements for office furniture. Today, for a full-fledged work, a simple table, a comfortable chair and good lighting are enough. If you use only a laptop, there is a real possibility to completely abandon the idea of ​​arranging a cabinet in the house and just borrow from time to time a kitchen or dining table.

Use table lamps with a vertical mount or sconce to save space on your desktop.

Instead of a special desk, the kitchen

Do you really need a lot of cabinets? Let’s be honest. If you have to keep hard copies of contracts and other documents, or you regularly use information materials on paper, you need really large racks and shelves. Try not to buy more closets than you need. It is better to throw out unclaimed papers more often.

Prefer compact shelves. They efficiently save space, than cabinets, and provide accurate storage.

Tidy white racks can be filled with decor items

Choose original office furniture. Who said that you should be content with a standard office chair made of black plastic and a set of desktop accessories from a stationery store? If you want to personalize space, the first step on the way to this is to give up template furniture.

Tighten the seat of a regular office chair with luxurious velvet or cloth with an actual print. Use porcelain cups, glasses or vases as stand for stationery.

The mustard colored chair looks unusual and bright

Run a business from home? In this case, you will need more space. Make the dining table a place to meet with customers or meetings. You can temporarily use the kitchen or dining room as an office, until you can afford to rent a separate room.

A pair of branded lamps in an industrial style and large wall clocks will play with proportions in a spacious office. A graceful bench with soft upholstery and stone urns will act as classic interior elements.

The clock stands out against the background of monochrome walls

In the roof rails to save space built-in cabinets

Use bright colors. Even if the rest of the rooms in your house are sustained in muffled and neutral tones, a home office can be a place to experiment with a new gamut. Bold shades, which you would hardly have decided to use in the design of the living room, are quite suitable for the design of office space.

Decorate one of the walls with paintings or charters. First try to collect a composition from the pictures on the floor, so as not to be mistaken at the moment when you will drill the walls.

White pictures look great on a blue background

Do you also work at home?

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Excellent article, very interesting and trendy ideas for building a home office! Interesting color combinations and a pleasant interior will inspire everyone to create a great place to work!

Presented are very interesting ideas how to move away from the design of a standard workplace. I think that fashionable furniture and color solutions will only positively affect the productivity of labor.

Detailing the interior, and especially office space, is very important. There should be nothing superfluous, distracting, the situation should be working, but not tense. For my creative activity, a lot of cabinets and shelves of different sizes, as well as high-quality multifunctional lighting, will be needed.

I liked the option on the first photo – strictly, nothing superfluous, sustained, officially. Workplace for a serious businessman. It is a pity that the whole interior is not visible, since in my opinion there is not enough room for storing business documents. But the view behind your back is just gorgeous!

Welcome to the Design Room! Here you will find a collection of interiors of apartments and individual rooms. Start a journey around the world of design with us!

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