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It does not matter if the kitchen is huge in the house or very small, but open shelves, which are ideal for storing dishes, will never be superfluous. It is the right closets, shelves and racks that determine the convenience in the kitchen, and it depends on it whether you will enjoy culinary work or become a burden.

Even if you have never been a big fan of open shelves, modern designers have proved that such furniture can be an excellent complement to the interior, because it serves two purposes at once: it is convenient to use, and you can nicely place dishes or souvenirs on it.

Even in a minimalistic interior there is room for open small shelves. The attachments of the hanging shelves are hidden in such a way that it seems as if the shelves protrude directly from the wall.

This solution is ideal for simple kitchens, where horizontal lines predominate. At the upper levels you can arrange decor elements, and on the lower levels you can store what you use every day.

Stylish and comfortable kitchen

Shelves in the style of the interior

The widespread opinion that all the regiments are similar to each other is absolutely wrong. The variety of models – from deliberately rough-worked boards to brilliant polished metal plates – makes it possible to choose shelves that perfectly fit into the style of the kitchen.

For traditional kitchens, there are a variety of shelves, decorated with inlays and patterns, and for more modern solutions suitable simple, in harmony with the overall style. It is important to determine what exactly is right for your kitchen.

The top drawers are completely open

Light shelves in a light interior

Cabinets without doors

You can also reward the second life with old wardrobes – just remove the doors. To remodel old pieces of furniture into something conceptually new – the last trend that is popular all over the world.

You can repaint old furniture, making it really stylish and relevant. It is not necessary to choose for this only the top hanging cabinets, the lower ones are also perfect for rework.

Shelves in the kitchen island

This idea will not only add convenience to the kitchen, but also transform it.

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