We choose pendant kitchen lamps for interiors with an island


The creative, island kitchen layout is gaining an ever larger army of fans. Often such unusual rooms are highlighted by three faded, miniature lamps that spoil the impression of the entire interior. It's just a shame! After all, thanks to the lighting devices in your kitchen, you have a great opportunity to emphasize the style and add a "zest" to the room.

Here are presented 19 variants of ceiling lamps of different styles. Unusual and bright, unique and creative – these light solutions will not leave you indifferent.

Pendant lamps made of pure glass

These lamps in the form of glasses do not immediately strike the eye, however they are incredibly radiant, elegant and fascinating. Their strength is in grace and simplicity.

The fashion for ball-shaped lamps returned to us from 70. And now they are at the peak of popularity. Do not be embarrassed by their large size. Thanks to transparency, they will not overload the interior.

The accumulation of glass pendant lamps in the shape of a light bulb gives a modern accent to this spacious kitchen.

Lighting in industrial style

These wide copper lamps are real works of art. They resemble Indian baskets, but at the same time have industrial plaque. Modern, but brutal.

Shine. Camera. Motor. These steel fixtures are similar to floodlights, which are used in the production of films. They will dazzle (if you do not forget to polish them) and look as if they were created for professional cooking.

Here is a version of lighting the island from black lamps in a cinematic style. They look even more industrial and harsh.

These elegant fixtures on long fixtures perfectly cope with the task of local lighting. Moreover, they give the room a slightly angular and modern look.

Do not let their cute appearance fool you. These weighted lamps with the function of adjusting the length of the wire – those are still "factory workers".

Colored Pendant Lights

Surely you saw terrible lamps of different colors, illuminating the aisles of supermarkets. There is another way to add color to the interior. These lamps in the form of a bowl, made in four different shades, give playfulness to the design of this kitchen. They are even more prominent due to the fact that they are suspended at different heights.

These blue Moroccan-style lamps add a touch of exoticism to the very traditional design of the room.

This type of lighting in the spirit of 50-ies look great in the vintage kitchen.

Pendant lamps of large sizes

Often it happens that people are afraid to purchase massive lighting devices. There is no reason to buy miniature, tiny lamps, unless, of course, you are the owner of an apartment with extremely low ceilings. Lamps large size will help to revitalize even the most simple and unpretentious interior.

It seems that these huge cubic lamps repeat the outlines of the room.

Such giant domed lamps usually hang in the middle of the room. But in lighting the kitchen island, they look no less organic.

These large black dome-shaped lamps are the main element of the decor of this minimalist kitchen.


Chandeliers in the kitchen – this is a wonderful solution. They look charming and unexpected. In addition, diffused light makes it possible to soften the sharp corners of the interior and smooth the surfaces. This modern version of unusual lighting adds radiance to the interior and gives it femininity.

A large dramatic black chandelier over a huge shiny black island. They were created for each other.

Two majestic chandeliers take the place of simple pendant lamps and give this kitchen charm and charm. In combination with this unusual hood, the interior gets a slightly French look.

Of course, chandeliers can also be modern. Best of all, they look in an eclectic room where you least expect to see pretentiousness and glamor.

Very interesting selection of pendant lamps. But to use such lamps in the interior, you need to have very high ceilings. I liked the decor most of all with massive lamps, the kitchen looks very stylish.

Madly I like the idea of ​​using several lamps, suspended one after the other in a row. Especially spectacular, this technique looks over a long dining table or kitchen island.

An excellent photo collection of modern kitchens with an island with different lighting is offered. But, in my opinion, the most interesting and popular now are the lamps in the kitchen in the form of old Edison lamps. It turns out a very creative and spectacular kitchen design combined with a new fashionable island.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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