We change the conservative idea of ​​a gray color in the interior of the kitchen: an unexpected design solution


Many of us, hearing about the gray color in the interior of the kitchen, represent something neutral – at best. And for the majority, he is associated with something dull, boring and untidy. That does not want to protrude, stand out to impress, but on the contrary, wants to remain unnoticed. The truth is that at all times this is one of the main colors.

Such a statement will cast you into reflections. For designers these days it is a very promising color, because its color range from light to dark colors allows you to create a lot of different options.

You can add to it any bright color and living space will become for you a powerful source of inspiration. We dare to hope that you will like this idea of ​​refreshing the kitchen.

Designer Jeanne Rapone has made a fantastic decision to paint the doors in lemon yellow or the color of green lime and add vases, rugs in the same tones as decor elements. This project was first published on the site of classic, traditional design with European innovations Willow Decor.

Of course, such an abundance of neutral gray in the interior looks like a mystery of the last century. Some elements are conspicuous: French doors, Chinese countertops and framing of window openings. So the idea with gray color is not really bad. The kitchen should inspire quality and style.

In this case there is an extensive field to show imagination and make hand-made articles for the interior, choosing contrasting tones. Bright spots produce a colossal effect on everyone who sees this room for the first time, a yellow shade contributes warmth, freshness and suggests that the second youth for the kitchen has come.

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