We bring notes of freshness to the interior of the house with the design of the kitchen in bright colors


Magnificent kitchen design in light colors from Snaidero

Kitchen design in light colors is a classic choice for any apartment. However, the classic in modern interpretation does not limit the imagination of specialists in interior design. On the contrary, time-tested solutions make it possible to make the boundary between living quarters and the cooking area almost imperceptible.

The new design of the kitchen from the company Snaidero embodies this trend, connecting the living room and the kitchen in a single whole. However, even this radical step did not deprive the individual's room.

Refreshing, free style and an atmosphere of relaxation will please young people. Clean, straight lines and neat cabinets without pens give the interior nobility and subtlety.

A thoughtful choice of materials tells the kitchen in the light tones a sense of antiquity

In the design of this kitchen, a balance is maintained between fashion and timeless classics. Curtains, tall windows with wide window sills and an abundance of indoor plants perfectly combined with stylish cabinets and chairs.

This kitchen is made for ages: the modular structure allows you to adapt it to your current needs. Change the position of shelves, lockers, racks and surfaces for cooking the way you will! The sophistication of this kitchen ensures its compatibility with the interior of any modern apartment, as a result of which the owners acquire a comfortable space for a family holiday.

A dazzling white kitchen is assembled from separate blocks, each of which can easily be removed and moved

The living room is made in the same style – a combination of Art Nouveau and vintage

High clean windows perfectly handle the lighting of the kitchen in the daytime

The sloping ceiling of the open structure creates an atmosphere of a village house

The kitchen is made in the same color scheme – nothing disturbs its tranquility and comfort

Strong house plants are neatly arranged on shelves

The height of the table can be adjusted

Minimalism here is found in everything, from unusual chairs and ending with a ladder with thin handrails

The place of traditional handles is occupied by retractable panels. Design your dream kitchen from a variety of wooden shelves, stylish racks and other kitchen elements. And most importantly – this delightful composition will perfectly fit into the interior of your house and will become a source of inspiration even on the most cloudy days!

Classics of the genre – a round wooden table with small chairs

Radiators are placed in a niche under the window

The dishes are stored on the shelves behind the sliding doors

The sleeping area differs from the rest of the room only by the presence of a light carpet

The walls behind the shelves are decorated with wooden panels

In the niche between the lockers you can place a TV

Deep shelves can be used to store books or display items of decor

Do not be afraid to experiment with lamps – so you will make your kitchen really unique

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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