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Kitchens in the rustic style seem to have been created in order to cook delicious dishes for them on homemade recipes and bake pies. It is hard to imagine that someone can remain indifferent to the cozy and peaceful image of the rural interior. Popular resource Ideas of kitchen design offers you to get acquainted with several examples of decorating kitchens in a rustic style.

A genuine rural interior can have a few notable features that some consider flawed. As a rule, cabinets in such kitchens are few or there are none at all. And dishwashers do not really fit into their space. In addition, the size of the table top leaves much to be desired.

But the unique charm of the rustic style can outweigh all minor inconveniences. Simply put, country kitchens look too cute to think about their practicality.

Not much time has passed since the landlady had to carry firewood into the kitchen to light a stove and cook dinner. And now we can enjoy all the benefits of civilization, enjoying the charm of vintage equipment.

A bottle of white wine, several lemons and parsnip roots serve as a kind of decor of a kitchen table in a rustic interior.

The rustic interior is quite capable of acquiring a modern look. Worktops and a soapstone, a high kitchen island and a built-in storage room indicate the belonging of the kitchen to the achievements of the 21 century, without depriving it of charm.

Another example of kitchen modernization, which did not lead to a loss of character. The rustic village table very confidently took its place in the center of the room and now no changes are feared for him.

The hood should be in every kitchen. But does it always fit the style of the interior? In the photo – the hood with a custom-made hood, which fits perfectly into the aesthetics of the space.

The standard model can be enclosed in a box of plywood or plasterboard to create the desired image.

Well, the owners of country houses are lucky by definition. If you only have a kitchen that claims to be part of the village style, pay attention to the basic elements that must be present in it.

Open shelves will demonstrate a collection of vintage dishes.

Ceramic sinks are very desirable in the rustic kitchen.

The rough wooden floor is an integral part of the rural interior.

Cabinets, covered with white paint, emphasize the sophistication of design along with simple, few equipment. But the elements of the decor must be bright, intricate and unique.

Copper tableware, posted on public display, will also be very handy.

Well, what kind of rustic cuisine will do without a large table with a polished surface?

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