Want to place an aquarium in the kitchen, create from it an unusual kitchen island


At first glance, this stunning imagination is an unusual kitchen island that serves only aesthetic satisfaction. He blinds the observer with crystal clear water, LED lighting, small fragments of underwater relief. And, of course, beautiful and always in motion fish.

However, having looked narrowly, you notice something else interesting – above the aquarium a water tap! And then – the stove and the sink. How is this possible?

Ocean Kitchen was designed by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik. With the help of a button, he connected a mechanism that would lift the kitchen counter and push it away from the aquarium, which is located below. This allowed the inhabitants of the aquarium and the owners of the kitchen to share space, without hampering each other.

Another amazing feature of Ocean Kitchen is the cabinet with drawers. You can get to it from the “kitchen” side of the aquarium. It is there that you can store products, there are pipes and electronics.

Such a unique design will be an ideal choice for open public areas, meeting rooms, living rooms and, of course, in the kitchens.

Ocean Kitchen is not only beautiful and functional. It includes many storage compartments and equipment space. The worktops are easily moved away thanks to the button that actuates the mechanism. Such a project is another reason to admire the talent of Robert Kolenik.

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