Wall-papers with a New York landscape in an interior of kitchen


Who said that the destiny of our small kitchen facilities is a standard suite and a small window overlooking the noisy street? "You need to live a thrill," – the words of the famous song can characterize the desire of a person to a more comfortable and beautiful life.

So why not create a personal life for yourself? And you can start with your own apartment. The most visited place in the house? Of course, the kitchen. Let's start with it. Flying fantasy to create an interior can be limited only by finance.

A wonderful idea of ​​decorating the kitchen arose from the designer Tatiana Zhivolupova, a talented specialist with 10-year professional practice.

The kitchen, which needed to be radically transformed, was practically a bare room with old uncomfortable furniture.

The first thing the designer did was think through the functional layout of the room. The most optimal option in this case was the L-shaped circuit. It was decided to place the working area in front of the window. All household appliances were placed under decorative panels of the same texture and shade as the kitchen set.

To increase the visual perception of space, the doors were made without clypeus and the same color as the walls. But the main highlight, the main accent was the design of one of the walls photopanno with a chic Manhattan look.

This decision is simply awesome! Incredible feeling of full physical presence on one of the skyscrapers of New York! The panel is glued to the sheet of gypsum cardboard, under which LED lighting is carried out. If you turn it on, it seems that the windows in the photo lights up.

The walls are finished with a pearly-gray textured plaster. The original lighting of the dining table is reminiscent of the wine glasses turned upside down. Luchshie light, pouring from them on the glass table top, reflected and their playful highlights create a romantic atmosphere.

The result of the chic design of the designer Tatyana Zhivolupova was a stylish, modern and very beautiful kitchen.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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