Virgin cleanness and attractive tenderness of white kitchen design


The design of the white kitchen creates a sense of glamor, impeccable cleanliness and casts some nostalgic notes of the classics. In such a place – all food will be cooked with love, and a quiet and cozy atmosphere will allow to have a good time with friends or family.

The kitchen in white color will be advantageous to play under the sunlight during the day, and stand out clearly against the background of the night, such a stunning white balance turns the ordinary room into a truly fabulous place. Today our readers will get acquainted with some fashion trends of leading design studios.

For example, the London firm Interaction offers a simple, but also time elegant design of the kitchen. A well-designed interior and correctly designed colors create an effect of powerful visual appeal. A kitchen apron made of deep blue tiles creates an unexpected twist in a monochromatic white scale. Smooth corners, clear borders and shiny surfaces – give the room a special softness and subtlety.

Bright details on a light background – a profitable solution for the revitalization of space. Small accessories of juicy summer colors, skillfully dilute the monotony of the room. Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc offers to decorate the interior with colorful dishes and stylish lamps. Remember, in this case, the main thing is not to overdo it and keep everything in one style.

If you set out to make traditional cuisine, does not mean that it's worth taking as a basis only white. It can be chosen as the main theme and diluted with bright and bold accents. For example, BrownHouse Design offers to your attention a fashionable project in vintage style.

This effect can be achieved with antique furniture, a set of kitchen accessories, porcelain dishes with paintings and an unusual ceramic shell with a rustic pattern. In general, the combination of white, rich blue and brown will always remain in vogue, and has become an age-old classic.

Kitchen in a futuristic style from Amitzi Architects. Modern design in strict minimalism. The background white color is diluted with daring red details and inserts from translucent glass. Sharp broken lines, hard contrast and geometric motifs raise the appearance of the room to a new level.

If there is a need to combine the cooking area and the dining room. The light shades are the best option for visual expansion of space. In order not to lighten the room with paints and catchy accessories, try to withstand everything in soft pastel colors with smooth transitions. Only so, you will achieve the necessary effect of calmness and comfort, as did Amoroso Design.

Melissa Lenox Design proposes to combine in the kitchen white and warm honey hues. This decoration creates a homely and cozy atmosphere in which you can spend hours enjoying cooking and socializing with your beloved family.

The key to success in any interior is the right combination of shades and design. Crisp Architects combined white color, wooden kitchen finishes and elegant forms of furniture and accessories. Such a mix is ​​perfectly complemented by a green background, and looks very fresh and elegant.

White color with ease can look fashionable and moderately extravagant. All you need is to add a bit of texture and volume. Cook Architectural Design Studio presented the design of a light kitchen with carved furniture, and a chess-patterned floor. Plus, everything is very correctly selected colors: instead of coarse black colors used ash and dark gray shades.

Luxury, chic and grace! All this was presented to us by designers from Chelsea Atelier Architect, this effect was achieved due to unusual furniture, marble finishes and finely selected accessories.

The last idea of ​​white cuisine was kindly presented to us by Domb Architects. Here we see a striking combination of three zones: a dining room, a kitchen and a living room in the room. Large windows will help to provide light with all the space, and the built-in lamps above the cutting table will allow you to comfortably cook your favorite dishes in the evening. This is a great place to spend time with friends and family, for a chic dinner or light snacks!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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