Vintage kitchen sinks with a protruding facade: a universal solution for any interiors


Vintage kitchen sink with a facade – what is it so attractive? It makes us think about the past, remember about people who lived before, about their traditions, culture, a piece of which I so want to fit into the interior of my modern home!

Minimalism inherent in the past, perfectly fit into a modern interior. Just about how you can organically make a note of romantic antiquity in the design of the room, see and read on the pages of the online magazine Ideas of kitchen interiors.

The kitchen sink in retro style is in perfect harmony with pale blue cabinets and a copper faucet.

The luxury of timeless classics. The kitchen apron is decorated with white tiles.

Both the outfit make accessories, and this washing is done by her surroundings – a-la France objects.

The overall style of the interior is charming. Such a kitchen will please even the most "zamaterelogo" esthete and gourmet, because, you see, dine at this place will be pleasant to absolutely any person. The marble finish of the working surfaces looks amazing.

Vertical stripes on the facade are supplemented by thin lines of the cabinet below. Materials for finishing works are made in color combinations white plus cream, which looks very nice and gentle.

A luxurious copper shell, decorated with a decorative "apron", breaks our idea of ​​traditional kitchen appliances.

Stainless steel drain is built into the island: this modification makes the cooking corner more comfortable and functional.

Do not be discouraged if you do not have a large room where it's easier to create a gentle home atmosphere: a shell like this, decorated with a decorative curtain, will look very cozy and in a small room.

The ceramic product, as if poured into wooden furniture for the kitchen, is original and effective.

The classic design looks impressive and original due to color combinations of different materials. The type of kitchen turned out to be somewhat industrial, but this is its appeal.

The laundry in the farmhouse is separated from the cooking area by a frosted glass door.

Two sinks in the bathroom of the village house look unusual. This is a good and practical idea worthy of taking it to your notice.

Excellent look sink and countertop of soapstone. Even cut through the plums for water. But most of all I liked the shell with a patterned surface, as on ancient monuments, marble trim and apron under a small stone masonry. A surprisingly romantic cuisine. The decorators clearly hint at the ancient Roman traditions.

Vintage sinks are back in fashion! Perhaps now they are even more fashionable than in the 1930-ies. Despite the fact that the shell makes many demands on the environment, after all its installation can revive any interior, make it soft and charming. And what an atmosphere reigns in the kitchen!

I liked the option of a serving shell with stucco molding on it. In general, the protruding facade of these shells does not look in every interior, but if it is not smooth but decorated with carvings or moldings, it fits nicely into the interior of the kitchen and it plays absolutely fresh colors.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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