Very practical ideas for storing things in the kitchen


Ideas for storing things in the kitchen

Use practical ideas for storing things in the kitchen, and twice as many things will fit in the lockers! The entire kitchen wall, separate modules, media centers and first-aid kits need to be engaged. Organize the kitchen space as efficiently as possible with these tips!

To increase the capacity of the cabinets, purchase plywood from the store and make additional shelves. Think of dish dryers, rotating trays for seasonings and sauces, internal vertical storage for trays. On the shelves you can place metal stands with several levels. Also see if you can store something on the doors with additional fasteners.

Locker with rotating tray and internal holder for paper towels

Add what you rarely use to the very top. There's a lot of space that you probably use not completely.

Light woven baskets for storage on cabinets

Nothing so does not spoil the functionality of the kitchen, like poor lighting. Install the fixtures under the hanging cabinets, which will make the kitchen brighter, and finding the right one is easier. In addition, it is an excellent solution for the organization of the workplace in the kitchen.

Additional lighting above the work surface

Use external surfaces, including the side walls of cabinets. Keep kitchen utensils in an open and easily accessible place.

2 row of hooks for dishes on the side of the cabinet

The same can be done for hanging cabinets, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Buy, or make yourself, hooks, clips, podstavochki, which will look nice both on the outside and on the inside of the door.

How to use the doors of the pendant locker inside and out

Open shelves on the outside of the kitchen cabinet will add storage space and become an interesting architectural detail of your interior. The kitchen will look more original and original.

Side open shelves decorate the interior

Such useful devices, as magnetic bars, will serve indefinitely and save space.

Wall metal containers for storing spices and seasonings

Instead of a solid open shelf, make square sections. You, finally, get rid of the biggest drawback of open shelves – the confusion and stacks of confused dishes of different sizes.

Open shelf with sections

Finally, take the time to reorganize. Evaluate with fresh eyes how correctly and functionally you put things, whether there is no possibility to use space more rationally.

Apartment in Victorian style, kitchen in bright colors

Share with us your ideas for placing dishes and things in the kitchen!

Many complain that they do not have enough space in the apartment, and they do not know how to arrange all the things, but they do not take advice from such useful articles. It's not the first time I've read articles that really can help create a literate storage system so that things do not come to their eyes, but lie in their place.

Thank you for these practical ideas of keeping things in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Some of them, for example, storage of unnecessary things on kitchen cabinets, I already apply. But I'm hearing for the first time about a rotating tray with different objects. In the kitchen, you can put on it a variety of condiments, oils and sauces.

The ideas of storage in the kitchen, which can be gleaned from the article are really useful and relevant for any hostess. Using the kitchen space to the full and with the help of such useful devices as magnetic strips, the perfect organization of space becomes a reality.

Very useful ideas for storing things in the kitchen. Some options can be used absolutely for any room. And for the bathroom, and for the bedroom.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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