Variants of the design of walls in the bathroom


If the soul requires change, do not deny yourself the novelty. The desire to move away from the usual patterns in the design of the house and turn to alternative solutions is always welcome. A number of modern competitive materials are in no way inferior in quality and beauty to the usual tiles, and are ready to adorn the walls with dignity. Below are several versions for cladding in a modest perimeter. Adapt ideas to yourself or choose the tested schemes you decide. In any case, repair is a good chance to make life better. In the meantime, the walls that are free of design intervention are associated with a blank canvas and invite you to the easel.

On the theme of water and nature

It is enough to glue the pebbles to the surface, peel it after glue and varnish to get a creative bathroom. Hard work does not accept fuss and speed, but the amazing result is worth it. The process is much simpler if you buy stones on a substrate. Sorted by size and attached to the grid, smooth conglomerates will firmly connect to the wall with tile glue, and will also lie flat on the plane with colored plaster, whether it be a circular room or a strict geometry of corners. With a thin layer, they actively protrude outward, when the binding continuity is embedded in the depth – the wall looks different.

Using a grout will fix the effect. If something does not suit you in color nuances, paint the wall with one color and fix it with varnish. Lick the pebble column or bath podium, which can serve as a mini-greenhouse. Finish the composition of large conglomerates, laid out in a row place of plinth. The procedure of the SPA salon will be replaced by a rug in the shower of small placers.

Seashells will continue the theme of water. And let them not fit as a floor covering, but look wonderful in combination with a stone on the wall. At the same time they are interesting as an ornament: in the finish of a mirror frame, vases, long garlands on a chandelier. Original lamps from a large shell in shape and texture have no analogues, as well as hundreds of other interior gizmos with their participation.

Wow! Living walls

It is not at all necessary to repair the wall, if the rate is made on plants. Address room registration of green "tenants" is not important – floral compositions are ready to register in any territory and style. The place near the wall, which is necessary for fixing the vertical trellis, is the starting point for the organization of the batonic garden in miniature. Vertical landscaping is no different from the principle of care for flowers in pots, and care of them is reduced only to the replenishment of the reservoir with water. The auto-watering function in the system is inherent, and the liquid reaches the roots through the connecting channels.

The green vertical surprises with beauty and price. For example, the French design of "FlorWall" is indicated by an average of 1000 $ per sq. M. But you should see curling ivy, ampel begonias, asparagus, bizarre leaves of chlorophytums, a garden of blooming callas, anthuriums and a long list of flora, as the question of price is pushed to the background. And when it comes time flowering Kalanchoe and zigokaktusov, in the bathroom you want to live.

Walls in colored squares

How do you like the prospect of contemplating a mosaic panel or walls? Color puzzles are not limited to the virtues of ceramic tiles and are represented by heterogeneous textures. Therefore, his collections occupy one of the leading positions in decoration. These are products that copy the skin and the transparency of mother of pearl, colored plastic, wood. It is not difficult to understand the demand for an art panel if you at least once see it ready. In the classic dominant behind the paintings with ancient heroes, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, thematic plots.

Along with fantasy screensavers and design fantasy, mosaic puzzles can transform space. Effectively look fragmentary inserts, naturally in harmony with heterogeneous structures. Strict squares of wood are not striking in brightness, but in the concept of eco-style and supporting natural "accessories" in unity with the idea. Painted dried flowers against the backdrop of a laconic wall nicely dilute the brown despondency.

Injection for tonus

Do you think that the wallpaper is the last century and want to ignore such a decor? In fact, their capabilities are inexhaustible and the trellis collection is replenished every season with new versions. In this case, they do not necessarily have to consist of a delicate texture. Recent achievements are pleasantly surprised by bold decisions.

Energy and paints are the main stimulating factors. Colored walls in the design of the bathroom from the morning will be set on a cheerful morning, and in the evening, will revive the emotions and, as a consequence, the mood. Among the current trends is the focus on segment combining. In the objective of possibilities – contrast schemes of combinations. Due to the multi-colored squares, an effect is created, previously achieved by brush and paint. A similar sense of volume is provided by large and colorful patterns. It is enough to paste one wall to set the tone of the overall composition. And if it is also textures made from natural fibers – reeds, bamboo or weave of algae, comments are superfluous.

The alternation of color bands along the perimeter can not be called a banal decor. An interesting idea is so attractive that many manufacturers offer ready-made versions from different rolls. Textiles are in demand for maintaining classical interiors. Practically and sympathetically looks a symbiosis from wall panels of buazeri with plant subjects on wallpaper.

Brick + stone = decor

Regarding the relevance of the monolithic masonry in the interior of the bathroom, it is not worth to argue for a long time – the brick wall between the plastered walls became accentuated in many directions. So, to demonstrate a design in the loft style, requiring rough surfaces, it is indispensable. And to make the wall look aesthetically rough surface covered with varnish. It is permissible to use a colored water-based emulsion or simply paint the wall in white or graphite color.

If you follow the classics – it's an excuse to see how the brick looks natural against the background of faucets and brass faucets. Without prejudice to the idea, it is allowed to replace copper taps and confirm the idea with fittings. Today, this metal in favor, and from the sanitary parts have already moved to the manufacture of baths and shells. Admirers of the Scandinavian concept should dig in closets, and pull out the red-brown vintage items to get into fashion and add warm notes to the white silence of the interior. Do not overdo it, otherwise the bathroom will resemble the stim punk.

The brick fits well with mosaic panels, panels, wood and will endure any experiments. To revive the room and bring the expression will help accessories. Colorful details and luxurious surfaces made of marble, wooden furniture facades will divert attention from the texture of the wall and at the same time the bathroom will take on a worn out appearance. For eclecticism, such a solution will also be the norm, if it is performed more boldly. Wooden painted beams, shiny friezes, composition on the floor, color attributes will provide missing impressions.

In the preference of the Mediterranean style, which accepts only natural bases and natural colors, such walls and ceiling beams in the solidarity of eco-friendly facades are perceived warmly. With minimalism, the brick is also in harmony. Painted in black, the vertical becomes accentuated and integrated into the design. In this design, the design takes on an ultramodern sound.

At the sight of a stone, the idea of ​​finishing the entire perimeter appears immediately. Natural species and artificial analogs are sufficient to match them according to budget and desire. Decorative textures in commonwealth with glass and wood, and will make the design richer. Involving conglomerates of different sizes, like tile limestone, it is easy to feel the nostalgia for antiquity. A completely different impression produces a marble finish. It is identified with luxury and status.

In the glare of mirrors and light

Do not want to "change" the standards, but at the same time you want a creative? Not everyone has a luxury apartment, and facing the wall or ceiling with reflective products will come in handy. The value of mirrored squares is reduced to an excellent opportunity to influence the space, add light and diversify the design. And do not be embarrassed by its deceptive fragility; its strength is determined by the standards and in the comparative series is not inferior to the ceramic one.

In addition to the designated model, the popular version is tiles with facet. In contrast to the classical series, it differs in manufacturing technology. A chamfer is removed from one edge and, as a result, the mirror surface seems weightless. The tile is not consolidative with other types of decoration and in any of their decorative moves looks unusual. The only drawback – the complexity of laying, which is only possible to the master.

Ceiling finish will make the room higher. An even reflective cloth along with segmental inserts will equally effectively correct the length of the walls. The same result can be obtained also with tiling of low panels. In tiny rooms, you can safely decorate it with all the walls. At the same time, mirrored squares take root in the neighborhood of other colors and textures, the same in size. A nice combination with ceramic tiles of pearl, black or pearly tones will pleasantly surprise you in the rays of intensive lighting. Spot light is welcome.

Glass blocks also belong to glass blocks, and although they have already been half a century, they have become popular in finishing the house not so long ago. In unison with the second breath they have changed, and today are presented in different variations. The model range has expanded due to inhomogeneous surfaces, shapes and color manipulations. The presence of a weightless wall or partition to separate the shower and bathroom affects the volume of perception and aesthetics of the room.

A look at modern materials

The right choice in the operational lining of the bathroom without dirt and dust – panels. Plastic versions lose wooden, but they look pretty in complex readings: in combination with other materials or in the design of their photo printing. It is worth mentioning the decorated hardboard with a base of eucalyptus, covered with a transparent laminated film. In form they are identical with ceramic tiles.

Wooden structures, like buazeri, look prestigious and expensive. Today, panels are produced not only from solid wood, but also veneered MDF, which positively affects the price. If it does not require style, the buiseri are not painted. In classical design, their presence is encouraged.

Keromokranite differs in complexity of technology from tiles, and due to the dense structure it is considered more durable and qualitative. Thanks to successful attempts to depart from the standards, all admissible imitations perfectly fit on its surface, seemingly copying original textures.

Make up the room for one or two! Everything is so simple and beautiful that on the way to the verbal expression of emotions, the connecting thread of the story is lost. Technology is attractive by the ability of the inkjet printer to print pictures after their digital processing for decorating the walls. On a solid canvas is acceptable to place colorful posters or a volumetric urban sketch.

For a bathroom idea with photos is irrelevant, but the pictures you like, have the right to become the focus of attention of a vertical installation. Draw a picture on any of the surfaces, and get a smart decor. In support of the idea one wall is enough. It will not irritate the eyes and stir emotions.

There are many options for decorating the walls, and you only have to make a choice. Dare, and let your bathroom be special.

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