Using a free wall part in the kitchen interior for storing dishes


Pegboard hooks have already become familiar on the wall in the garage or in the workshop. With their help you can conveniently place a hand instrument and supplies. So why not adapt them for use in the kitchen? Julia Child defended the use of Pegboard in Cambridge ten years ago.

Her pots, pans and other kitchen utensils hung on the humble Pegboard wall. And she even outlined the contours of each subject so as not to be confused, where and what hangs. Indeed, the perforated Pegboard panel is a forgotten material, which is great for maximizing storage optimization. Small kitchens with limited space can be saved.

Pegboard is not only economical, but also simple in operation, perfectly fits into any interior style and can be configured in different configurations. It can be painted according to the color scheme of the room. Many can say that it is very stylish and comfortable.

Project: Use the Pegboard on the kitchen wall.

What: Pegboard (perforated panel) – this is a general term, meaning hardboard with drilled holes. Traditionally it is made of wood fibers under the pressure of saturated steam and heating with a thin layer of linseed oil. The process is called hardening. In the course of production, firm and firm boards are formed, which are waterproof and shockproof.

Some Pegboard have a smooth front and textured back surface. The rest are smooth on both sides. For wall applications, the backside texture does not matter.

Perforated boards are available in sizes: 60 for 120, 120 for 120 and 120 for 240 cm, thickness about 3, 5 and 6 mm. The sizes vary depending on the manufacturer. Board thickness of 5 and 6 mm are excellent for the kitchen.

The material in 3 mm can be too thin and should only be used for light appliances and utensils. The holes are usually 2,5 mm, but their diameter varies from 3 to 7 mm. Just make sure that your hooks fit the Pegboard.

Why do homeowners and tenants who have small kitchens not think about creating a functional wall? Even a part of it can be turned into a storage space. Installed Pegboard acts only on 3-7 mm.

Unlike the shelves, it will not be a hindrance when opening the doors of the cabinet or refrigerator. You can also choose which part of the wall you are using for this. In this cozy room in Birmingham, Alabama, the entire wall for deployed storage is involved.

Another advantage is the versatility of the system. You can add, remove or move hooks. Such a board even has sound-absorbing properties, since it consists of a fibrous raw material with holes. Silence in the kitchen will please everyone.

Tip: it is best to install the Pegboard away from the cooker to minimize contact with steam and oil when cooking.

If you think that you have absolutely no free space on the walls of your kitchen, take a look at this photo. Designer Jennifer Ott created a hinged Pegboard for storage of pots, setting a thin strip of perforated surface, painted in turquoise. And all this inside the pantry – where there was very little empty space.

With your own hands or hire?

Such a project is fairly easy to do on your own, if there are tools and a little patience. I propose to establish with an assistant, since hardboard is difficult to hold on one side. You will need more than two hands to attach it well. But if you feel that it is not within your power, hire a carpenter.

The cost will please you

Pegboard size 120×120 cm without hooks should cost about $ 75. In addition to the plate itself, many owners already have other necessary materials. Therefore, the cost can be less. Plan to spend $ 10-40 per sheet, depending on the thickness and size.

Hooks: all the necessary details for the Pegboard can be found in the accessories market. J-shaped hooks, which have two small antennae that lock the two holes of the hanger, justify their name. They are simple J-shaped and, as a rule, are well suited for small objects. But they can be too small and unadapted to hold pots and pans (you will have to tilt the pan vertically to follow the curve of the hook).

Angles are analogous to J-hooks. But they do not have a curve, but an angled plane. Angle and S-shaped are well suited for hanging pots and pans. It will be great if you have all the varieties. In addition, there are also inclined hooks for Pegboard. You certainly will find exactly what you need.

Process: There are several different options for installing Pegboard. One of these is the creation of a simple wooden frame 1×2 with one or more internal brackets, which are screwed to the wall by studs. Then the wall panel itself is fixed to the frame. This is the most suitable method if you have a custom-sized slab or an already planned configuration.

First, you need to prime and paint your Pegboard. Use a small roller for even application. Brush can cause paint to enter the holes. Most likely, you will need two layers. And do not forget to paint the outer edges.

It is best to choose a paint with a glossy or semi-glossy surface, since on the matte surface different spots and traces will be much more visible. And besides, they will be harder to clean. Designer Killy Scheer painted this Pegboard in foggy gray, in the tone of the kitchen walls.

Make sure that the hooks come out at the length you need and have the ability to maneuver to pull out. This will allow you to determine the required thickness of supporting wood. The way 1×2 will be excellent. But you will need large pieces of bars if your hooks are very large and deep. Remember, the dimension 1×2 is conditional, the board can actually be and 19×38 see.

You will need to install a wooden frame-frame on the wall with one or more intermediate supports. All depends on the size of the Pegboard and the weight of items hung on it. Usually the frame is made in such a way that it retreats a few centimeters from the edge of the board, then it creates the impression of a smoothly emerging panel from the wall.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to hang anything on the places where the board has a wooden support at the back. Attach the frame to the wall with the studs, and then mount the perforated board on the wooden support.

The second method is to use ready-made spacers with screws and fasteners, which eliminates the need for wooden support. Triton makes self-tapping screws screwed into the holes of the perforated board and working with a hole thickness of 6-8 mm. It is more expedient to purchase hooks and accessories for Pegboard in specialized companies.

The finished additive is best suited for wall mounting of square or rectangular pieces of Pegboard, when the size and aesthetic requirements are flexible enough. You see in the picture a Wall Pegboard system with a metal powder coating.

It comes with a frame and hooks. However, it is only available in 40 and 80 centimeter panels. The color scheme is also limited, and most of the options in fairly bright colors. Metal ebb is more suitable for modern kitchen interior.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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