Unusual design of modern kitchen – textiles on furniture facades


Have you ever seen such an unusual design of the kitchen, like fabric doors on furniture? Is it hard for you to imagine this? Then you will like what you see below. It is this original idea that we offer readers.

Do not you think the cupboard doors resemble the sails of a caravel drifting into the sea? But the idea is taken from this comparison. The Italian manufacturer Demode tried its best! The frame of metal on the facade tightens the fabric, and inside there are glass shelves. Of the same material are made tubes, on which lies the fabric.

The creators of such furniture were concerned that the textile did not lose its whiteness, soaking it with a compound that repels grease and dirt. And, of course, the presence of a powerful hood is welcome.

If your room for cooking is small, then this option is just right for you. It will allow air to circulate freely in space, and the weightlessness and transparency of furniture will make it functional and cozy.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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