Unusual design of a summer beach house


A small country house on the beach was miraculously integrated into the environment by a team of experienced architects and designers.

The method of decoration and the chosen color palette of the exterior of the building allows it to look harmoniously in the bosom of nature.

The wooden platform near the house performs several functions at once: it connects the inner rooms of the house with the street space, serves as a deck for accommodation of comfortable places of rest and relaxation. And also serves as a working area for organizing a barbecue.

All the colors used in the decoration of the building and objects of street decor, as if taken from nature itself. Deep brown, light gray and almost black shades resonate with the environment and perfectly harmonize with the palette of local vegetation.

Directly on the deck, before the entrance to the house from the backyard is equipped with an open shower, which the household enjoy after returning from the beach or before taking a bath with a jacuzzi.

What can be more pleasant than the opportunity to lie down in the jacuzzi, when the beach closes the swimming season or just the weather becomes cooler.

A comfortable corner for relaxation, placed on a wooden deck near one of the entrances to the house. Light and practical wicker furniture is great for arranging places for relaxing under the open sky.

Around the house there are wooden platforms and walkways, allowing residents in any weather to move along a dry and clean surface to the beach or the central road.

The interior of the house is made with the ease and laconicism inherent in the beach houses. The bright and calm color palette is diluted with bright elements of the marine theme decor. The spacious living room is connected to the kitchen and dining areas, which allows households to move freely in the room, and to show rooms more.

Small wooden shelves on which bright and interesting decorative elements are placed raise the general mood of the living room and give the room a slightly playful look.

The fireplace integrated into the wall creates the atmosphere of a traditional living room, where the whole family loves to gather in the evenings. Storage systems under the fireplace allow you to place many useful trifles, including logs for ignition.

The kitchen zone impresses everyone entering with a harmonious combination of traditional white lockers with chrome elements of appliances and kitchen accessories and deep gray color of the table top. The kitchen apron, lined with turquoise tiles in the form of brickwork, allows us to remember that we are in a beach house and the presence of a marine palette is mandatory here.

From the living room you can easily get into a small, but very cozy dining room. Due to the large windows in the room there is a lot of light and it seems that you can eat outside, so much external environment penetrates into the room.

A simple wooden table, complemented by ergonomic chairs of deep gray hue, and a modern pendant light create an atmosphere of comfortable mood for any family dinner.

Laconism of the sea style is also present in the living rooms. A spacious bedroom with a minimum of decor is literally buried in the sunlight, thanks to a large window almost to the wall.

The second bedroom is also light and cozy. A warm color scale is present both in the decoration of the room and in textiles. The nature behind the window was reflected in the interior of the room.

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