Unique interiors of modern kitchens in loft style


Today, original loft-style kitchens are very popular. They are perfectly suited for ordinary people who are striving to create in their nests a unique interior, far from the generally accepted standards and traditions.

Are you ready to go to an experiment, dramatically changing the design of your home, using tricky tricks to organize a special, nothing like the situation? Then the loft style is what you need!

A unique loft-interior has a lot of non-standard solutions in organizing the space of your kitchen. Here you can safely apply different combinations of colors, options and methods of decoration, as well as expand the zone with the help of unusual design techniques and techniques.

The main feature of the style is the wide format and integrity of the space. Therefore, organizing a loft-kitchen, it is necessary, at least, to touch the space of the adjoining room, or even better – of the whole house.

Kitchen in the loft style suggests zoning of the free space of the room with visual limiters. In their role can act racks, racks and other original interior items.

A characteristic feature of such kitchens is the presence of a brutal wall. Elegant wallpaper with drawings of flowers, butterflies and beautiful patterns, as well as landscape glossy surfaces here absolutely are not suitable. The true atmosphere and presence of the style is perfectly emphasized by the brick in the interior of the kitchen.

Old brickwork can be correctly replaced with concrete walls of natural color. As a result, the kitchen will have a characteristic background situation. Those wishing to apply new designs in the design are advised to paint the textured walls in a juicy positive color.

In this style, several types of flooring fit well. It can be a large-format tile reminding an asphalt, a wooden floor "under antiquity" or simply processed concrete of natural color.

Kitchen in loft style is a kingdom of unique objects, steel surfaces, straight lines. It harmoniously combines the abundance of industrial novelties with the utmost minimum use of furniture. Nothing extra. Everything is clear and understandable.

Organizing in the kitchen loft-interior, you need to analyze the budget in advance and provide for all future investments.

This style involves a lot of alterations, as well as expensive items and finishing methods. Inadequate elements of decor and technology can inflict invaluable damage to it.

Island kitchen in loft style

Loft style kitchen with breakfast bar

P-layout kitchen in loft style

Despite the fact that I considered myself a fan of interiors in the classical style, the loft space conquered me. Therefore, with great interest I read an article about the kitchen in this style. A wonderful selection of photos, especially liked the interiors, where the designers managed to keep the brick walls.

This style is original and ambiguous. It looks cool, but at the same time a twofold attitude towards it. To create this style, you need to work very hard. One thing I really like is the application of a brick or concrete wall, as well as a wooden floor or a ceiling with antique furniture in this interior.

Using the loft style interior, you can get yourself a unique color for the kitchen. Each loft-style kitchen is unique in its own way. Basically it is pastel colors with different shades, but the main difference is of course the presence of a wall made of natural material, or finished with it. For example, it can be a brick, both red and white, varieties of stone finishes, cork, etc. Kitchens in this style have a unique design!

It is original and unusual, as it seems to me, this kitchen is suitable for an inveterate brutal bachelor living in a big country house. Impressive volumes and dimensions of the kitchen, as well as the finishing of the wall for a brick and the ability to replace the usual so many parquet or linoleum on the usual treated concrete.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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