Unfading classic interior: kitchen decoration


When decorating a kitchen, you need to consider how long this design will remain relevant. Many things, very popular today, can become obsolete in a couple of years. But there are several trends that will remain at the peak of fashion for a very long time. Here are the five most interesting of them.

Cabinets with glass facades

Like open shelving, such lockers will make the interior of the kitchen more light, but will protect dishes from grease, dust and dirt. In addition, this design is an immortal classic.

Sink in a rustic style

Recently, it is no less popular than cabinets with glass doors, but it appeared even earlier. Made of marble, stone or more budget ceramics, a sink with this design will decorate any kitchen.

Cabinets Shaker

Cabinets in the style of a shaker with its special rhythmic design will give the kitchen an architectural clarity and an image that never goes out of fashion.

Metro Tile

The metro tile is so common that some people started to get tired of it. But its longevity has several reasons. It is cheap, looks good in almost any interior, to that it can be played in interesting and unexpected ways.

Dark cabinets

During the 90-ies of the last century kitchen sets of dark tones were much more popular than white cabinets. Now the dominance of black in the interior design and in many other spheres is again noticeable, so we can safely say that this trend will last for quite some time.

If you adhere to these trends when creating a kitchen design, you do not have to worry about how quickly they will go out of fashion. And your interior will remain the same durable?

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