Undoubtedly useful in the economy of the idea of ​​storage in the kitchen


Ideas for storing in the kitchen on the example of the magnificent design from Leicht

Ideas of storage in the kitchen often become a stumbling block. When it comes to planning the kitchen of your dreams, we all face a lack of free space.

A beautiful color frame and the elegance of textures amazes

Nevertheless, in modern designs this problem was quickly turned into the opportunity to fill this room with all sorts of lockers and shelves.

A wonderful version of the working area in the kitchen

Leicht company, having released a series of furniture for the kitchen Classic-FS / IOS-M, demonstrated its ideas of saving space, which allows you to remove from the eyes all unaesthetic, leaving only a magnificent view, harmoniously combined with the residential part of the apartment.

Here you can trace a wonderful smooth transition to the residential area of ​​the apartment

Amazing kitchen storage ideas reflected in the functionality of the drawers

The capacity of this headset is impressive

Creativity is reflected in each element

Convenience, freedom in composition and minimalism is what you need for a small kitchen. Designers focused on corner cabinets, drawers and shelves, which smoothly and elegantly disappear with a light movement of the hand.

You can pick up on all even the smallest parameters a design that fits perfectly into your home. And although the functionality is a priority, Leicht always provides aesthetic ideality and stunning appearance, even in combination with the residential part of the apartment.

Another variant of decorating the kitchen space

Expressiveness of the interior is achieved through a clever combination of colors, materials and sophisticated textures of surfaces. Realism and naturalness are important elements in the modern design of kitchens.

Perfect combination of a kitchen area with a living space

Non-standard ideas for storage in the kitchen with a focus on convenience

Elegance of minimalism is a unique feature of this design

Restraint in color solutions does not rob the interior of elegance

Delightful fusion of spaciousness and aesthetics

Ideas of storage in the kitchen – this is something that every owner reveres with interest, since the topic is quite relevant. The variants presented in the article are very practical and functional. Already tensely I think that from seen to apply for the interior

I liked the idea of ​​storing dishes in the kitchen in drawers, delimited inside the cork partitions.

Ideas for storing utensils and cutlery in the kitchen are gaining popularity and for a reason. Now a lot of families with many children, as well as just pairs that love to cook, because we live in a century where it will be learned the easiest. A large number of tools that are compactly folded and hidden in a locker leave a pleasant impression for any cook.

How I love all these tables and shelves, but in the kitchen they are always small. No matter how great it may seem, there is always something missing. Thanks to Leicht for such a cool approach, and you for the article)

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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