Under the roof of your house: the idea of ​​creating a stylish interior for the owners of dusty lofts


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Owners of cottages always have a question: how best to dispose of an attic or attic? On the one hand, there is the possibility to turn it into a storage room, and it is possible to equip there another bedroom, a playroom or a sports hall.

Do not throw this useful area. After all, you have a unique opportunity to make there a home office for work or a workshop with an individual design. First of all, you must clearly understand what you want from this room, and then start working.

Design Habitar Design

Rebuilding the attic or attic is not a very simple process. The main thing is to follow the sequence of actions and follow certain rules. After all, on the upper level of the house can not accommodate all the premises, based on the requirements of safety. Before starting to repair, perform a few simple but very important steps:

Step One: All About Color

Decide on the color scheme. It is better to choose the most simple pastel colors in the interior of rooms. If the entrance to the attic or attic is from the bedroom or the living room, it is desirable that the color schemes of these rooms resonate with each other.

Design by David Howell Design / photo by Bjorg Magnea

Design by Chimera Interior Design

The color scheme is the key feature of the room. Do not forget to choose good lighting, and you will see how the interior will play with new colors.

Step Two: Wooden floors

Design by TruLinea Architects / photekt.com

Design by Lake Country Builders

The tree not only lengthens the space, but also gives the interior a rich look. Do not use carpets as a universal floor covering, they not only visually reduce the area, but also collect a lot of dust and dirt. You can leave the floor in natural colors of maple, oak and cherry, or repaint in any shades you need.

Step Three: Lighting

Design by Robert Hawkins

Despite the fact that there are a lot of windows in the attic and there will be enough natural daylight, you need to take care of the light in the evening. It will be enough to have one central lamp to illuminate the whole area. If you have a bedroom or an office in the attic, do not forget about small sconces or table lights.

Design by Kraig Kalashian

Design by Jane Kim Design / photo by Eduard Hueber

You can use modern designs in the form of: light panels and recessed lighting or create stylish table lamps with your own hands.

Step Four: The Workspace

Design Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Attic has since ancient times been the haven and workshop of New York starving artists. Maybe that's why he attracts all the creators. This room is very useful, suitable for creating a working office at home.

Design by Arkin Tilt Architects / photo by Eric Millette

Design by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Music, painting, poetry – do what the soul desires. A stylish and trendy interior will be a great source of inspiration.

Step Five: Windows

Design by DMVF Architects

Design by April Uhlir / photographer Yvette Dostatni

Windows will be the main source of light in the daytime. Try to make them as wide and transparent as possible. It is better to abandon the tinted glass and mosaic, so that nothing prevents the sun's rays. If possible, you can make a glazed roof to admire the magical starry sky at night. Also do not forget about the connection of the attic with the house, you can equip a cozy balcony or through window.

This little instruction will help you prevent the most common mistakes in the rebuilding of the house. The most important thing is to stick to the design you invented and be careful in choosing the materials.

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Just my friend did not know how to change the attic room, she wanted to have a game room for her son, today I'll slap her this article with a photo, I think that thanks to her she will decide the choice.

Oh, I just love mansards (from childhood associations with a tree house)! I think it's foolish to use the attic space under the warehouse. And with the help of such instructions it is possible to make from it a stylish attic.

The attic can become a full-fledged room, especially if there are windows, if it is well worked on. An excellent option may be attic equipment in the form of an office, especially if there are children, but it is also necessary to work at home, and such a place of solitude can be in the attic, the main thing is to create a cozy environment.

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