Two kitchen islands, one pantry and a lot of space in a large kitchen


When a married couple from the Colorado city of Cherry Hills wanted a big kitchen. Work on the restructuring was entrusted to the employees of Exquisite Kitchen Design, which faced the task of centering this space in the space of the house and create space for the joint pastime of 5 members of the client family.

The design of the 40-meter kitchen turned out to be somewhat unusual: two islands and a refrigerator divided its area into areas of different purposes. The dismantling of the storeroom at the entrance to the room made it possible to develop a more open interior layout.

Customers wanted to get a single space for family meals, so in the kitchen there were just two islands: one of them cooks food, and after another they eat.

One half of the dining island is slightly higher than the other, replacing a traditional breakfast table. There are also two refrigerators, but the freezer and the larder are common.

A constantly growing family needed powerful equipment that could serve them all. The difficulty was that a large number of kitchen appliances had to be installed so as not to use cabinets and save space for storage.

A stand-alone pantry and shallow compartments located at the ends of the islands, allow to accommodate the entire volume of additional utensils and food stock. The pale blue finish of the ceramic tiles on the wall is designed to match the design of the leather chairs at the high counter and the upholstered furniture in the living room next door.

As already mentioned, the family had to agree to the dismantling of the old storeroom, which was located at the entrance to the premises, so that the layout turned out to be more open. Now they have a very roomy closet just behind the second island.

This grocery cabinet, which also has a freezer installed, looks more like a piece of furniture and, I must admit, looks very organic.

If you are willing to share your ideas for planning a kitchen space for a large family, we will gladly publish them!

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