Two-color kitchen design: interesting offers


Design of a two-colored kitchen in white and gray shades

The design of a two-colored kitchen is a creative move, which is often used by specialists. Especially often in the catalogs of furniture companies you can see models with a light top and dark bottom modules. And the combination of tones can be very different: from black and white and cream-brown classics to bright inclusions of blue, red and green shades.

White hanging closets are organically combined with blue lower curbstones

Modern kitchen space can not be imagined without a lot of household appliances with glossy metal surfaces. They can be supplemented with a quiet pastel decoration of walls or furniture made from dark and light natural wood, as well as embroidered tablecloths and towels that will help create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Sometimes, to give the appearance of the room a variety, it is enough to paint the countertops with a darker paint than on the other surfaces, add a black-and-white headset to the floor in the form of a chessboard or install a light marble island opposite the dark wooden cabinets. And you will see how unusual and stylish your room will be.

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