Two-color kitchen – a fashionable alternative to monochrome interiors


It's hard to believe that the stunning two-tone kitchen, which will be discussed in this article, cost its owners a fairly modest sum. However, let's start in order.

Spouses from California, whose sons were already preparing to enter college, realized that their kitchen was in dire need of renewal. However, they did not intend to spend on it all family savings or get into debt. Fortunately, they managed to find a designer who agreed to help.

Sabrina Alfin (namely, our heroes collaborated with her) had to solve two main problems: firstly, the interior was too gloomy and oppressive, and secondly, the kitchen did not connect directly to the adjacent patio, and to get into it, the owners had to go to another room.

Making careful changes and keeping the original layout almost untouched, the author of the project helped her clients to find a bright, fresh and functional space. At the same time, the cost of transformation was about three times lower than the price of conventional reconstruction.

  • Owners: a married couple with two teenage sons
  • Location: San Carlos, California
  • Dimensions: 19,5 m2
  • Designer: Sabrina Alfin Interiors

До: the kitchen seemed to be closer than it really is, and all because of an unfortunate, too dark decor. In addition, the inhabitants of the house had to carry food and drinks through the next room to the patio in the backyard when parties were held there. However, household appliances, countertops and frame cabinets were in excellent condition.

Initially, the customers wanted to get white-washed cuisine in the style of a shaker, but such interiors often look too sterile, so we eventually abandoned this idea, "says Alfin.

I offered them a more interesting solution, reflecting their individuality – the design of the headset in two colors.

After: the lower cabinets "dressed" in a delightful blue-gray shade. Owners like blue, but they did not want to follow the obvious path to take the beach or beach theme as the basis for the design (the house is in California, on the ocean coast).

The decision to repaint the existing cabinets, instead of buying new ones, saved a considerable amount of money. True, the facade and front panels of drawers the designer still replaced by others, made to order, and complemented them with long style handles.

Sabrina was not limited to just two colors – white and gray-blue. She knew that the customers of the project really like red and so picked up the appropriate fabric for upholstering the banquet, making sure that it was combined with turquoise chairs. In her opinion, the so-called spicy shades not only made the interior visually warmer, but also took it even further from the beach theme.

The base of the banquet was repainted in white, and the facades of the drawers built into it were replaced by new ones, made in the same design as the headset. The decoration of the dining area was given great attention, since it is here that the family of the owners of the house most often gathers during family meals.

Built-in lighting along with hanging lamps in the vintage style did not leave from the former gloom of the interior and the track. A bottle stand with wine made from untreated wood contributes the necessary share of eclecticism to the image. The door, which can also be seen in the photo, leads to the storeroom.

До: such was the padding of the banquet from the very beginning. Customers wanted to keep their table, and Alfin found a way to tie it together with new chairs – using a motley fabric, in which the colors of all the components of the dining group are repeated.

After: from a variety of fabrics, the samples of which were presented by the designer, the owners of the kitchen chose this one – with a bright wavy ornament. In general, it was their non-standard thinking and willingness to take risks that helped make the interior truly expressive.

Both the backrest and the bench seat are trimmed with a contrasting edge.

До: the kitchen did not communicate directly with the patio.

After: The most serious structural change in this project is the expansion of the window that opens onto the patio. Sabrina dismantled the cabinets located on both sides of the old window, which made it possible to increase its width to 2,5 meters.

Two of its three flaps move to the center, allowing the hostess during parties to transfer food and drinks to guests on the patio directly through the countertop.

Well-preserved granite countertops remained in their places, but it was decided to dismantle the tiles matched to them in tone without hesitation. Alfin replaced it with another one – in the style of the metro, white.

Through the center of the apron is a horizontal curb of a narrower translucent tile. Of course, one could do without it, but the author of the project felt that the monolithic facing would look boring.

In addition, she equipped the cabinets with built-in LED-lamps, and now cut the products and make other manipulations here much more convenient and safer for the eyes. Previously, the table top was lit only by a small bulb on the hood of the hood.

A charming rug with an ornament in the Mexican style echoes with the upholstery of the banquet. The flooring strongly resembles weathered and sun-dried boards, but in fact it is porcelain tiles.

The fact is that dogs live in the house, so scratch resistance was the main requirement for the material for flooring.

Sabrina Alfin argues that the choice of quality paint for the design of cabinets – this is an important, but not the main task. The key to an irreproachable result can only be the skill of the person to whom the repainting will be entrusted.

She also draws attention to the fact that a real professional should work with facades and front panels of boxes only in the paint chamber, and then attach them to the frames.

The services of highly qualified specialists are expensive, but it is still more profitable to pay for them than to buy new cabinets, "the designer notes.

The plan shows that outside the kitchen window, on the patio, a dining area is arranged – for family meals in the open air.

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