Turquoise color in an eclectic kitchen interior – harmony of style and colors


The eclectic style in the interior of the turquoise kitchen looks modern and beautiful. Small in size, it becomes spacious, especially with the angular use of this collection, made by the designer of the architecture of kitchen interiors Brunelleschi Construction.

Furniture items are conveniently placed opposite each other. The table is folded and does not take up much space. The chairs are removed and also folded. To increase the free space they hang on the wall on hooks.

The eclectic style is seen in various details. In the design of the turquoise kitchen there are elements of hi-tech and retro style. The refrigerator with its cold metal doors is a representative of high-tech. The crane over the sink is closer to retro style. Interestingly look old facades, reminiscent of the style of Provence.

To increase the space, the entrance was left free. The cabinets are arranged in height, one above the other. The volume is given by a beautiful wooden floor from a board lacquered. A natural wooden board gives the interior a shade of classic style and is combined with a stone countertop. Highly suspended chandelier with a shade – a nuance of industrial style.

The table is convenient to use for cooking, and for dining with him. If necessary, there is a dining room where you can eat. The working surface of the table does not interfere and easily leans back against the wall. This designer reception of the location of the table and chairs on the wall is interesting from the point of view of eclecticism and becomes a "highlight" of the turquoise cuisine. It saves space and increases the area of ​​the room.

The fittings are chosen in an eclectic style. Different in size and design of the handle on the cabinets look nice and unconstrained in the interior space of kitchen furniture. Here, the pencil case, which occupies the space between the wall and the refrigerator, also fits perfectly. In it you can place such trifles as sets for spices, books with recipes, necessary for the hostess.

So, the corner kitchen in turquoise color looks quite eclectic and combines interesting elements of design creativity. The art of decorating and placing furniture Alterman Kitchen design studio Brunelleschi Construction will transform your home and bring beauty and warmth into your home.

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