Trends in the design of kitchen furniture – an overview of the proposals of world manufacturers


How it develops modern kitchen design? What new ideas for the kitchen are the famous designers and furniture manufacturers? Such questions are of interest to many homeowners. They want to know the trends of this creative activity in order to realize them in themselves. They are ready to invest a lot of money, because they are sure: the kitchen influences the style and functionality of the whole house. How does this trend develop?

Today is very popular Furniture for kitchen with integrated handles. They are very convenient, especially in families with many children, since there are never enough clothes for the ever-hurting children. True, they are not used everywhere, but only on some cabinets and drawers.

Another direction of development of such furniture is sliding doors of cabinets, behind which you can hide any kitchen accessories.

Today, frameless cabinets are in high demand. They became widely available due to the well-known firm IKEA. Other manufacturers of traditional furniture picked up this idea. They mastered the production of so-called closets. The benefit to the consumer is clear. They are cheaper, and their capacity is very large.

Modern materials for furniture production can include in your list and laminate, which was very popular in the last century. Its versatility and beauty, European manufacturers literally opened up again. Pay attention to its unique texture and nice color.

Traditional kitchens show simplified designs. But the new exhaust system is cumbersome, complex, but the air in the room is always clean and fresh.

Sliding doors – a modern trend. Furniture fittings Today it allows them to be mounted on hinges, and also to do with automatic opening and closing.

Kitchen cabinets are usually equipped with drawers. They are convenient to store knives and other kitchen utensils, where they are always easy to find. Usually they are wooden, but can be made of metal or plastic.

The light-emitting diodes installed by the manufacturer or the electrician are an excellent addition. With them it is easier to consider the contents of deep drawers.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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