Trends in kitchen design: yesterday, today, tomorrow


Change of the dominant: trends in kitchen design

Over the past few years, trends in kitchen design have not been revised. The white color occupied the dominant position in the design. Today it is still preferable, however, in the finishing of the kitchen there are new distinctive touches. Light colors give it a sense of boundless space, and various shades of gray are ideal for adding light.

Kitchen with light furniture and walls of warmth and comfort can add wooden decor elements. The floor made of dark wood allows it to look more open and spacious.

Dark wood flooring

Metal impregnations in different parts of the kitchen will give her a warm vintage appeal. The hood is one of the central elements, and its copper surface will add to the interior of the kitchen space of special charm.

Metal elements in decor

If you are not an adherent of wooden floors, pay attention to the tile. A successful combination of a shade of a mosaic and furniture can be an easy way of inclusion of a new color in the kitchen interior. This will change the overall appearance of the kitchen, without requiring much effort and expense.

The combination of the color of the furniture and the pattern on the floor

A tree in the kitchen can be used everywhere. The ideal wood for bar stools and counter is cypress.

Wood in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen appliances should always be at hand. However, the room should not look cluttered. For this part of the technology can be placed in the kitchen cabinets, which gives a sense of open space.

Hide home appliances – free space

Light metal surfaces of equipment visually reduce the area of ​​the kitchen. Dark interior details do not give such an effect, so the use of black plates, sinks and even refrigerators is gaining momentum.

Black technique is again in trend

The kitchen is not without reason is considered the heart of the house. Add it your personal touches – towels, pictures within, children's drawings. Make your kitchen truly your own, with your special touches.

The color of the shell can be changed in the same way as the color of the kitchen walls. If there was a desire to revive the habitual situation with a bright spot, without disturbing the overall decor, changing the color of the shell is a great idea and the easiest way.

Bright spots in the familiar picture

Granite countertops have become commonplace, they are few people surprised. However, granite gradually gives way to quartz. The granite-like mineral looks modern and popular with those who want to update the kitchen decor.

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