Transparent kitchen cabinets – a stylish and functional design solution


Kitchen cabinets with transparent doors have several undeniable advantages. In addition to being beautiful, you can put dishes or interesting knick-knacks in them, thus refreshing the interior. Moreover, through the glass you can see where the thing lies, which allows you to quickly find it, saving time and energy.

A little clouded glass with the frost effect is a great option for those who do not want to demonstrate kitchen utensils, but want to see exactly where these or those objects are. Through such doors only the outlines of the dishes are visible. This solution brightens the room and visually enlarges the space.

The design of glass doors impresses with a variety of shapes and patterns, each of which has its own unique charm.

Another interesting option is the doors without partitions in the middle. Here there is only a frame and one-piece glass.

In the case when the kitchen turns into a living room or a dining room, cabinets with glass doors can become a connecting link between the rooms.

These two cabinets also perform the function of the storefront.

Such cabinets can also be illuminated from the inside to draw attention to them and to what is stored in them.

This solution looks great in combination with other surfaces, bringing a slight contrast to the monotonous interior.

Such doors can also be combined with other glass surfaces, for example, with a dining table.

Do not neglect the light. It will create an additional visual effect, especially if the glass is frosted.

Glass is also completely opaque, in this case it is interesting contrasts with the windows.

This option is great for traditional kitchens.

Not necessarily limited to the common simple glass, because there are many types of decorative glass in different colors and textures: matte, stained glass, decorated with patterns. They all look interesting and give the kitchen a unique look.

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