Transformation of the kitchen interior in the Art Nouveau style: a precious work in a new, modern frame


After the family of designer Debra Szidon moved from Boston to the East Bay Bay area near San Francisco, she spent a year in the house without taking any steps to re-equip it. We would like to draw your attention to the result of this unusual approach to creating a modern interior.

Looking closely to her new home, Deborah noted that the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style is the precious gem of the whole house.

The floors in this medium-sized room are made of ground concrete, and the walls are paneled in mahogany. Furniture was created by Fred Langhorst (Fred Langhorst), the famous architect of the last century.

The new owners considered it necessary to add to this magnificence of functionality, but retain its structure and basic details. The only decisive change, which decided the master, was the removal of one wall. Thanks to this action, the kitchen area has increased to 28 square meters.

Kitchen before its transformation

While repairing the floors were kept completely, it took only a little to grind them. But the work with the tree was difficult, it was done by specialists. The main goal of such laborious work was achieved – almost all elements of fine natural material remained the same. Substitutions were subject only to small areas where spots were found.

The novelty was the creative table, brought from Australia. He attracted the owners of copper legs, which resonate with the lamps. But the countertop was replaced with marble. Now the whole family can gather for dinner around a real work of art.

The height difference makes the room more interesting by structure

In addition, the owners of the house wanted to hide the main working parts of the kitchen. The fact is that the guests follow the living room through this room, and they do not need to see household appliances and kitchen equipment. Therefore, all this equipment was hidden by panels of soft, light ultramarine shade.

The mahogany trim was complemented by several lamps made of copper and brass. Warm colors contrast with sharp shapes, which gives each lamp a magical depth.

Here you can see the floors of polished concrete

The deepest sink, selected by Deborah, is very practical

The wallpaper with a grainy texture of muffled green was fashionable at a time when the house was only being built. However, they are made of modern material, which makes them easy to take care of. The working surface made of quartz is combined with a sink, deep and wide enough.

The bronze and copper fittings fit well with the color scheme of the room. Cabinet handles, designed by Ted Boerner, a master from San Francisco, have an unusual ribbed texture. This is an ideal addition to the smooth, devoid of the facade decoration. An extensive palette, including both cold and warm shades, makes the interior exceptionally harmonious and peaceful.

Cabinet handles with their unusual texture

Green facades and brown trim

The modern plate quickly heats up and also cools rapidly

The desktop also includes a large storage space for kitchen utensils

A wonderful design of the kitchen, an unusual modern interior, you can immediately see what the professionals of their business were doing. All the amenities are there, a lot of spacious space, a huge table where there is a unique opportunity to accommodate guests. We need to think about re-equipment in the near future and at home.

The team of designers and restorers perfectly coped with the task – they kept the unique modernist style and at the same time, using modern materials, maximized the functionality of the kitchen. Bribed the attention of designers to the details, which was present when choosing materials stylized for those that were used in the previous version.

Having said that this kitchen is the pearl of the house, nothing to say. At first glance, lightness and carelessness, breathing modern style. But the general impression and the atmosphere of the room does not allow this to be confirmed after a short review of the room. Perhaps, one of the best designs of this style of those that I came across.

The decoration of the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style is a very interesting version, it seems to have remained a pretty traditional kitchen, but it played some new shades and meanings. Successful use of colors for the interior, well, I also won the lamp It's just chic!

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