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Appearing as a trendy idea for decorating the kitchen, today the countertop with the effect of "waterfall" is gaining increasing popularity. It will give a little glossy gloss and laconism to any headset and help hide household appliances and cabinets. In addition, it does not require complex care. And if the material of the table top is especially beautiful, this technique will make it accent.

The article presents six successful examples of the use of a countertop-waterfall. Elegant marble countertop with the effect of "waterfall" is decorated with a cottage Kelly in New Orleans.

The snow-white material of the countertop-waterfall gives laconism and luster to the kitchen in the modern house of Nick and Julia.

An elegant tabletop-waterfall made of marble forms the center of the composition in the Boston house of Ulysses and Melissa.

The worktop with the waterfall effect animates this small monochrome kitchen of Ben and Alice in Portland.

The marble worktop adds a bit of subtlety to this charming Mid-century modern interior in Erin's house and Danny's in California.

The dark wood trim perfectly emphasizes the dynamism of the countertop waterfall, which Jess and Evan used when decorating their elegant home in Portland.

The worktop with the waterfall effect makes the kitchen interior elegant and modern. Share your comments in the comments!

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