Top 10 interesting kitchens with open shelves – the exhibition of utensils becomes the quintessence of the interior


Kind time of the day for all visitors of the resource Kitchen interior! Today we want to share our impressions of kitchen compositions equipped with storage systems. This is not only a fashion trend in design design, but also the solution of the problem of quick access to the most necessary subjects.

Did you notice that, as a rule, the items on the shelves are arranged in three vertical rows or are they combined into three groups? In other words, we usually follow the "less is more" principle, placing only a few items on the same surface.

There are among us and those who fill the space of the shelves with everything that is at hand. But the most common is the situation where the most accessible places are put dishes, which are most often used in cooking and table setting.

The purpose of kitchen utensils, which are in everyone's mind, is to place, so that they do not clutter up with utensils. Let's explore the possibilities of storage systems by the example of 10 the most interesting variants of the design of classical modern kitchens. Forward!

Let's start with a sample from architect Carrie Bernstein, in which we deliberately demonstrate dishes identical with the shelves in terms of color. Please note that the numerous white plates are perfectly sorted in shape and size, so that a completely monochrome rack becomes complete and neat.

The next photo does not have many open shelves, but they deserve the closest attention. The composition looks truly unique, as it shows valuable collectible items. In front of you is the Austin kitchen from Elizabeth Mollen, made in classic black and white color scheme, shaded by the metallic shine of the fittings.

A unique apron made of stone is an ideal background for a laconic combination of white dishes. The sparse arrangement of objects creates a sense of spaciousness, and the contrast palette provides depth and completeness of the composition from Joe Olsen.

When selecting items to be shown on open shelves, you can follow the guidelines for a certain color range or style. Before you is a design on which there are many items, including salad bowls made of stainless steel. This is the case when the retro style fits seamlessly into a modern interior. Apparently, the painted ceramic containers on the upper shelf tied the entire composition together.

Piles of plates, cans with bulk products, ice bucket . The shelves of the industrial kitchen in the next photo contain a variety of different items. But thanks to the fact that all of them are either white, or transparent, or metallic, there is no sense of chaos, and the whole space is filled with the aesthetics of ease.

Shelves attached to the ceiling are always in the center of attention! Pasta, lemons and living plants are one of those things that look worthy in such a composition. Add to them glass goblets, in which any drink will taste even better.

Surprisingly, but the center of the composition from the Alice Lane Home Collection in the photo below were the exposed in a row bottles of green glass with blue labels. They enliven the natural palette of wooden beams and facades, and the picture in the frame and the black mortar with the pestle introduce some artistic disorder in this idyllic image.

And how do you like this bright apron with a zigzag pattern that has become a backdrop for simple and absolutely minimalist shelves? Shell shell prints in frames and painted mini salad bowls add extra variety to the color palette of this cuisine in the beach house.

Expressive wallpaper can also serve as a background for the design of an open storage system. In the depicted eclectic interior above the bar, shelves are located.

You will say that these are modern pots, not shelves? However, they occupy the usual place for kitchen racks. Anyway, why not fill the space above the working area with interesting indoor plants?

We hope that the examples show inspire you to make bold changes in your kitchen. Remember that in most cases the regrouping is what the doctor prescribed!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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