To look at the usual kitchen interior is wider – an impressive re-planning of the premises and competent restoration of old furniture give an excellent result


This house is located in Portland, Oregon. Designer Wade Freitag made a redevelopment, combining the kitchen with a veranda. The result of the work was combined kitchen-dining room, in the elements of which the ideas of the grand entrance of the beginning of the last century are read, which echoes the spirit of the whole building.

Initially, the floor in the kitchen was decorated with a carpet, but he gave way to a wooden covering, painted in burgundy color. The room before the intervention of Wade Freitag was tight and stylistically cut off from the rest of the interior.

Kitchen interior before re-planning

But, paying close attention to untouched by time original parts in other rooms, the designer brought "home" features into a more functional modern kitchen, doubling the area and bringing it to 44,5 m2, while not moving the walls. Now the space is enough for furniture, appliances and a dining area, and from the kitchen-dining room you can freely enter the terrace.

All this has allowed redevelopment of premises. As a result, a space has emerged that acts as a focal point. Dear visitors of the Resource Kitchen Interior, look at these wonderful changes!

The kitchen after the reconstruction

The border of the original kitchen was on the left side of the window.

Worktops Portland Marble Works

Storage in a new kitchen

During the repair Wade Freitag used the original floor thresholds on the veranda as shelves and brackets. For flooring, he preferred a vintage tile with sharp edges. Unusually and stylishly it looks like a combination of a metal plate and black electric bulbs. Bar, available in the kitchen, the designer at the request of the owners included in the overall design of the interior, thus filling the space between the two doorways.

Kitchen interior after renovation

Restoration of furniture allowed to leave a whole lot of original parts, which are visible in the photo.

Kitchen cabinets with steatite tops

When designing new cabinets Wade Freitag, inspired by the design of the beginning of the 20-th century, created vintage furniture in the form of a sideboard with swinging carved doors of solid wood.

Renovated interior lighting

Thanks to pendants made of shiny brass, made in antique style, creative chandeliers illuminate the kitchen-dining room better than conventional lamps and built-in lighting. And the countertops are made of natural stone, a material loved by many famous chefs and has been popular for many years.

Kitchen working area

The black stove and hood are well combined with the top of coal steatite.

Coffee table in the original interior

The former coffee table is turned by the designer's will into the kitchen dining table, which we see now. A large sink is made of the same material as the countertop. It has double taps and is deep enough for washing large quantities of dishes. Wade Freitag placed under it a shelf for storing heavy objects. Sink for sink: learn more.

Dining table from a coffee table

Large shell of steatite

For homeowners who are doctors, Wade Freitag suggested the idea of ​​using a design with a pedal that allows the crane to be closed without touching it.

Making a zone near the door

The owners were involved in the design process. They handed the designer hooks to create a decorative hanger-rack near the door. And one of them made a bench, excluding the possibility of injury to the edge.

Refurbished radiator in the renovated interior

The owners also found broken radiators, the same as in the other rooms. Wade Freitag polished them, which allowed the kitchen to add a warm shine.

This door leads to new storage systemslocated under the former porch. The stairway to the basement was moved to the project.

Wardrobe with built-in fridge and dishwasher

An optional mahogany wardrobe compensates for the absence of shelves in the rest of the room. It has a built-in refrigerator and dishwasher, which allowed to install modern household appliances without spoiling the general style of the interior.

At the dissection of the old sex it turned out that originally he was from a spruce board. As a result, it was decided to restore the original coating in the new kitchen.

Mirror at the sink, masking flap

Another interesting idea was also implemented. Modernizing the power supply system at home, a new flap was hidden behind a mirror in the ladies' room, having inscribed it in this way in the general interior.

General view of the room after re-planning

"By applying the historical elements found in one house, and interpreting them in the modern approach to decorating the kitchen, I created a room in a single style with the whole building," says Wade Freitag. Well, the venture was a success!

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