Tiled floor in the kitchen: 5 ways to translate the idea


We think it's not a secret for anyone that flooring can have a decisive influence on the style of the kitchen, especially if it's a tile. Multicolored, neutral or, for example, decorated with wood, it can completely change the impression of the interior and even act on the visual perception of space.

If the renovation of the kitchen is included in your nearest (or not) plans, our article should seem interesting to you. Perhaps, it is the replacement of the floor will be the key to the ideal design in your case. Look, read and choose!

Large rectangular tiles of dark tones turned this kitchen into a trendy, modern space. Matte finish provides it with elegance. Velvety gray shade refers to a series of neutral ones, but the white island stands out against its background, and the chocolate coloring of the cabinets seems more rich and saturated.

All together forms a stylish, laconic image, ideally suited for a home in which a young married couple or a bachelor with progressive views lives. He demonstrates obvious signs of masculinity, but with the addition of bright accents has every chance to become attractive to fashionable ladies.

Mediterranean tiles decorate the space in a rustic style. Two characters complement each other, creating a pleasant for the eyes, a cozy image, not simplified by the presence of a wooden floor. Inhomogeneous textures alternate, making the interior more complex and voluminous.

Remember: if you really like some particular element, you do not have to build the whole design based on its visual properties. Reasonable contrast is appropriate in any situation!

This dark tile creates the depth, so necessary in this narrow, simply built-up space. The combination of small and large elements, showing a subtle transition of one beige shade to another, makes the interior very cozy and nostalgic. Such a tile can be seen in vintage restaurants, reminiscent of the times of youth of our parents.

Wooden flooring is always an appropriate addition to the kitchen interior, which enhances its quality. If you want to add a simple charm and a sense of comfort to your kitchen, your choice should be a tile, decorated with natural wood.

She always looks rich, regardless of the type of finish and size. This tile is well combined with various color and style solutions and provides a timeless, classic image.

Of course, you can always decide on something beyond the limits of a given direction. At something that has an unexpected shape or color and is capable of instantly transforming space. Try to combine several themes or styles to create an eclectic masterpiece at home. Just look how original these bright red fragments look, just shining against the background of matte, dark tiles, without being excessive or screaming.

Here are just a few examples of how the tiled floor can work in the kitchen interior. We hope that they inspire you to create your own unique image, which you want to tell our readers about!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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