There are two mistresses in the house? We organize a kitchen space designed for several cooks


There is no need to talk about the importance of organizing a kitchen space: for most of our readers this is quite obvious. In this case, you do not need to be a world famous chef, to understand that a well-designed room is very convenient.

In fact, if you do not always use semi-finished products and takeaway food, then, most likely, you spend two to three hours a day cooking.

One of the issues that people face is the creation of a modern kitchen where you could cook together with a partner, family member or friend.

Interior in dark shades

A few simple tricks that will help you create the best conditions for several chefs:

Space is your best friend

This applies to any room in the house, in the kitchen it is especially valuable. Every cook, both amateur and professional, knows – the more the table top, the better.

This implies also an increase in the number of places for storage of kitchen implements and products, but most importantly – everyone who prepares should have enough space for work.

Traditional modern design

Functionality is above form

Many of us would prefer to have a stylish kitchen. But what do you think, in the most chic restaurants in France are very worried about the color scheme of furniture and finishes? When doing an interior renovation, first make sure that everything necessary for work is already provided, before proceeding with the choice of decor.

Functional white kitchen

Even the largest and open spaces have their limitations. Therefore, at the stage of designing your dream kitchen, you need to understand what is the limiting factor, and how you are going to beat it in order to push the boundaries.

For example, if the area is limited, then think about the maximum use of the height of the walls with the help of hanging cabinets. This will increase the number of places for storing utensils and other necessary things. And if the surface of the desktops is limited, then you can install a kitchen island.

Japanese modern design with white furniture and a large island

The best countertops for the kitchen are made of materials that are easy to clean: stainless steel, stone, granite. And copper, in addition, also have an antibacterial property.

Anyone who likes to cook deliciously knows that this is important. In the end, the faster you clean up, the faster all together will start to enjoy the food.

Premium class kitchen

And now I would like to know your opinion about these simple tricks.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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