Thematic interior of a children’s room for a boy: a thirst for adventure for a fan of pirates


Our children have a very rich imagination, which has no boundaries and is able to turn an elementary thing into an original object for the game. Following their requests, many parents prefer not to limit their inventions, and in accordance with the interests of the baby to choose the theme of the design of the children’s room. Today we offer our esteemed readers to discuss one interesting solution: 25 ideas in pirate style for the boy’s personal space.

You can add a few accessories that will create a feeling of uninhabited island and create a favorable atmosphere for creative play. Or you can completely turn a room into a ship’s hold. Below, we’ll look at each option in more detail, and you’ll be surprised at how varied the options are that inspire truly unique ideas.

Accessories associated with life at sea

Cool colors in the spirit of Scandinavia and thematic decor will form a special atmosphere for children’s schemes and maneuvering.

You can decorate the walls with paintings depicting a ship or a similar direction. If you have skills for needlework, you can make decor yourself, such as pillows, paintings or other details reminiscent of the pirate’s intense life.

Even such minor drawings and inscriptions on the wall can transform the children’s room.

Unusual black wallpaper with the original print will give feelings worthy of a real corsair – the desire for adventure and treasure hunt.

Even the most simple and insignificant details can become an ideal canvas for intricate patterns, reminiscent of your baby about interesting stories, about adventures.

Interior for real pirates

Wooden furniture of a dark shade, a thematic drawing on the wall and a few details belonging to the ship, together with the corresponding paints, formed an unusual spirit that is sure to please, hungry for fun fun. crumbs. Original wallpaper with the image of the card leading to the jewelry, beautifully fit into the interior of the children’s room.

And this decision is generally on the verge of reality and fantasy. Who would have thought that old wooden boxes could be used with such a profit.

A luxurious bed imitates a sea ship belonging to the robbers, and the rest of the decoration of the room pleases the beauty of the uninhabited island and impresses with the sea view.

This variant is unusual for its appearance, the wood and colors, a chest, a hammock and even a sail in the headboard harmoniously joined here will help your son to plunge into the amazing world of the game.

Give your child an original and bizarre mood, which was embodied in the best traditions of pirate legends.

Charming sea

Not even a pirate, but most likely a maritime theme. Just look at the chic bed-boat floating in the air. The rest of the design is also worthy of admiration: the soft blue motifs have become an excellent background for an interesting design, and the room itself has enough space for a moving game.

Another good version of a child’s room for a baby. Crib in the form of a ship with a thematic decor on the wall and the appropriate color scheme.

Many unique beds simulating pirate ships, cool colors of walls, tablets, posters and pictures depicting pirate symbols – all these details will fill the boy’s room with a unique atmosphere that inspires active children’s games and adventures.

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Wonderful photos of the design of the children’s room in the marine style. Indeed, everything is so simple – a combination of blue and white flowers, treasure maps and an abundance of wooden parts – and the room turns into a pirate ship. Missing details will add a child’s imagination.

Very original design of the children’s room. I think the room on the second photo is so beautiful and cozy, that even a girl she might like. The idea is not bad, because every boy wants to feel like the captain of a ship, well, or a room.

Interesting options for thematic children’s rooms. In a child, a child will always have something to do and he will never get bored. And parents can enjoy free time, by their child plays in a fun adventure.

Excellent ideas of children’s rooms, so many bright ideas were embodied by designers in the presented photos, that the eyes are scattered. I think any boy would be happy to have such a room!

Why only for boys? My daughter is also crazy about all sorts of pirate adventures. From such a room, she probably would not go out for hours. But what can I say, they are so great that I would not go out myself. Bravo to the authors.

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