The workplace of your dreams – wonderful design ideas for the design of home offices


Home office is convenient. You do not need to get to the place of work, follow orders from your superiors. You can eat at any time, no one interferes. However, this situation also has its drawbacks – distractions from the work of the factors, then the dog is asking to go outside, then just laziness.

It takes the willpower to force itself to work in the morning. It is much easier to get involved in the process if the office is cozy and inspires the creative process.

Our today's story on the popular resource Interiors Rooms – on the functional and comfortable home offices.

Several lamps can bring comfort to the work area, especially if you like working at night. Quality lighting, paintings, soft chairs make this room very attractive.

Windows facing the garden create a sense of greenhouse presence right at the workplace, blurring the boundaries between the room and nature around.

Office chairs should not look like furniture in the accounting department of the enterprise. This upholstered modern chair is attractive and comfortable. A mat on the floor, fresh flowers and other accents, soften the working environment and create a welcoming atmosphere.

The best way to start a working day is to take a stroll in your own garden and breathe air. Greatly increases the productivity of labor.

The office in the garage or an additional storage facility is stylish. In the room, a photograph of which is kindly presented by the photographer, left a heavy steel table, since it was difficult to transfer it. The industrial environment works for concentration and concentration of attention.

Neutral colors prevent excessive sugaryness in the office. Plush chairs and a decorative table slightly relax, but do not euthanize.

Original design of the working area

Feature of the room are wooden stairs, adapted for shelves. Wallpaper with printed print complements the stop.

Perfection of the color palette

In the design of your home cabinet, you must include your favorite color combinations. The color palette of the room says that the owner's favorite shade is green.

No clutter, ergonomic furniture, brick, industrial windows – the advantages of the cabinet, in which several people can work at once.

Functionality and elegance

Home offices should be practical, but this does not mean that they should look like factory accounting. Interior stylistics – an important point in the design of the office.

A narrow room can also be convenient

A small table and a convenient storage system suggest high functionality of the office with a gray finish.

Embroidered pillows, personal items, decor elements, bring comfort and harmony, in such an atmosphere it is pleasant to work.

The table is a red Corvette. And it's not fun – it's a great place for business meetings and fruitful activities.

Black and white classics with red accents

The owner of the cabinet was not afraid to be original, the situation is mitigated by the warm wooden floor.

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