The updated classic of the kitchen interior in modern style – the charming charm of the verified forms


Today's article will be devoted to the classical style, but more modern and not as strict as everyone thinks about it.

Many renounce the classics, considering it boring. But if you show a fantasy, then this style can be transformed beyond recognition. Imagine an open kitchen with a dining corner. The predominant colors are milky and olive, slightly diluted with wood, metal and bright elements. The apron is made of light tile, laid with a Christmas tree to the ceiling. In the interior there are few closed shelves, mostly only in the lower tier, the top is open and filled with dishes.

To give freshness and approximation to the classics, attention is paid to the light. Stop your choice better on traditional lamps, setting them over the top shelves and hanging one common chandelier. The worktop made of wood and the built-in gray metal technology will add to the image of the room a fraction of the severity.

Elegant Shelves are convenient because everything is at hand: books with recipes, tea set, elegant plates and various seasonings in the original containers. So that they do not look rude and massive, the supports are decorated in a vintage style. This has made the overall design of tenderness and subtlety. You can revitalize the kitchen by decorating the shelves with potted flowers or unusual statuettes.

Of course, open shelves are irrational as storage systems. But to compensate for this will help two wide and deep drawers on both sides of the kitchen. For an average family, this will be enough to hide from the eyes of household items.

The dining place is allocated in a separate zone, it is cozy and simple in its execution. Large white windows are not weighted with matter and give full freedom to the sun's rays, which will warm in the mornings, and in the evening the stars and the moon will create a romantic mood. Decoration of the window space unobtrusive and gives a sense of home comfort. Instead of chairs there is a corner kitchen shop made of mahogany with built-in drawers.

This is another element in favor of open shelves, as in boxes you can store any items and even some food. To soften the interior, the dining table is made in blue-beige tones with interesting ornaments and beautiful figured legs.

This style is well suited for the design of narrow and small rooms. Allows you to place everything you need, make the interior of the kitchen easy and does not overload the space. Care for such a kitchen is required more thorough. If in closed cabinets everything lies as it is, then here it is necessary to maintain the design and absolute cleanliness of dishes and shelves. But this is just one flaw, and the list of advantages far outweighs.

Firstly, it is convenient. It's easy to take, remove items. Everything lies in a conspicuous place and you do not have to get lost in guesswork where you put this or that seasoning or tea.

Secondly, sparingly. The production of open shelves takes less material than closed ones. On the saved money, it's better to buy cute decor elements.

Thirdly, you can brag of beautiful dishes. Now she will stand in a prominent place and become the subject of conversations with her friends. And fourth, exclusive and unusual. Not everyone will decide on such an experiment with the kitchen interior.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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