The unusual direction of design is a children's room in gray


The use of gray shades in the creation of modern interiors with every passing year is gaining increasing popularity. This is a well-known fact. However, everything is not so clear when it comes to the interiors of children's rooms.

Russians are very wary of the use of this color in the rooms, where a significant part of the time of the smallest households. Why? The answer to this question, most likely, everyone should look for independently. For some parents, the gray tones in the room are associated with dreary life, boredom and mediocrity. Others believe that this color may reduce the level of psychological protection of the child, lead to depressive disorders. Is this really so, and how true are the arguments of those who are against the design of children's premises in gray tones? Let's try to understand.

Question No.1: "Benefit or harm?"

First of all, it is worth remembering that the children's room is a special room for the baby. This space simultaneously accommodates a bedroom, a territory for school activities, a play and sports corner, a place for storing toys, books and other accessories. In the children's room the child spends a lot of time, often the most exciting memories of his life are associated with this space. Here he goes through all the stages of growing up and psychological development.

The choice of a color solution in the organization of personal space should be carried out taking into account many factors. First of all, it is the sex of the child, the features of his character and temperament, interests and color preferences. Parents who have chosen gray colors for the interior of the children's room, but still doubt their choice, several important points should be considered.

Five reasons for choosing a gray color

1. Gray color is very appropriate where you want to create an atmosphere of tranquility, security and stability. Ideal for decorating rooms where excitable and extremely active children live. Gray coloring of wallpaper and furniture will not irritate the child, distract him during the rest. Such a color scheme will help the child to concentrate on school activities.

2. The predominance of gray shades in the interior of the children's room is not only convenient, but also very practical. This color solution is an excellent alternative to white or too light decor. As you know, in the room of the youngest tenants of the apartment, the ideal order is infrequent. Gray interior will greatly simplify the process of cleaning the room.

3. Gray tones look good with almost all colors. For children's space this is of great importance. Gray color, used as the basic tone, is perfectly combined with small details of bright colors.

4. Due to the variety of shades, the gray interior is suitable for both boys and girls. For each child in this room there will be something interesting, attractive, appropriate to his taste.

5. The interior design of the nursery can be not only classical, but also seasoned in one of the modern styles, for example, high-tech. In addition, gray color is amazingly suitable for creating retro interiors of rooms designed for accommodation of young inhabitants of the house.

Question №2: "What color combinations should I use in the gray children's room?"

Gray is considered the most neutral tone that exists in nature, in some way the boundary between white and black. Designers argue that gray – this is the most grateful shade when decorating a dwelling. Most often distinguish such varieties of this color as smoky, steel, gray, silver, lead, mouse, ashy, pearly, pearl gray, slate, anthracite and a shade of wet asphalt.

The process of selecting shades of gray for the interior of a children's room is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. When combining gray paints with other colors, it's worth to be careful. Do not paint all the walls in dull tones. The best combination of colors in the interior of the children's room is the neighborhood of white and gray. Just do not take a too bright shade of white paint. The best is a pale-lemon or dirty variant of this color. Such components will help to fully supplement and reveal the gray color palette.

The combination of grayish shades with black and brown colors can also be used in the arrangement of children's rooms. Such interiors look very refined and noble. However, do not overload the room with too dark colors.

Neighborhood of gray and yellowish shades will create a feeling of warmth and sunlight in the children's room. This combination should be used in the design of children's rooms located on the north side of the building.

The shades of gray in combination with a gently pink, as a rule, are used when decorating rooms for young ladies. This design will not look boring and bleak. When creating an interior of a maid's room, it is not recommended to give the walls a pure-gray color. For painting surfaces it is enough to choose a soft gray or a dirty white color. The created interior will be extremely harmonious.

A variety of pink color is purple. Delicate lilac shades along with gray tones will make the children's room very stylish, will give the room a distinctiveness and nobility.

The main color gamut can be supplemented with soft shades of green. It should be borne in mind that too saturated shades of greenery will tire the baby.

Many parents are wary of using red and orange shades in children's rooms. Their doubts are justified, since too bright colors can cause irritation and anxiety in children. However, light and soft reddish tones will not only be appropriate in the interior of the nursery – they will create a very comfortable color for the kids.

The gray-blue nursery will look airy, as a combination of these shades visually expands the space. This interior is recommended in moderate amounts to complement several other colors.

Question №3: "What accessories are best for a children's room in gray tones?"

To ensure that the interior of the baby's room in gray does not look dull and bleak, you should choose suitable furniture, lighting, curtains, bedside mats and other related accessories. Bright accents will make the room more expressive, "inject" into the interior a bit of joy and positive mood.

Spectacular cushions of juicy shades, as well as decorative cushions in the form of rollers perfectly dilute the gray interior. For the same purposes, you can use bright pictures placed on the walls of the nursery, and original wall clocks.

With gray wallpaper perfectly blended curtains and furniture in cream color. Textiles in the children's room can be a continuation of the main color palette. However, for this you should use a gray color of different shades. So, for example, the covers on the bed and the curtains can be lighter than the wallpaper. In such cases, gray fabrics with a pattern are appropriate. In the gray interior, great mirrors look great.

When decorating a children's room, gray paints can be used quite differently – in the form of light furniture and various accessories of the same tone. Cabinets and sofas of gray color will look great in the interiors, which turned out to be more vivid than originally planned. Dark gray furniture will help to muffle the riot of colors in the children's dwelling. Fixtures and floor lamps should also correspond to the general design idea: they can be both contrasting, and silvery-gray – under the color of furniture.

When organizing lighting in rooms where the predominant color is gray, it should be remembered that such an interior requires a sufficient amount of natural light. If the children's room is dominated by artificial lighting, then it should be very good. In such residential areas it is recommended to install many different light sources. It can be not only chandeliers, but also all kinds of lamps of different types.

Do not be afraid to experiment with gray – the effect of its combination with other shades can exceed your wildest expectations. In any case, you will not lose, because the gray color scale due to its neutrality will allow not only to make adjustments to the already created interior of the children's room, will give an opportunity to improve the appearance of the room as needed.

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