The unique design of the delicious kitchen set from Milan – the irresistible appeal of the flowing lines


Two new ideas for the kitchen, which will now be presented in our review, received positive reviews at the Italian design week in Milan. The organizers and guests of the exhibition came to a common opinion that they were presented with comfortable and functional headsets, originally and stylishly made. These models are distinguished by the presence in the finish and the shape of a wavy smooth line.

The first project consists of ordinary rectangular cabinets, made in the color "cappuccino". They are decorated with white plastic with a bizarrely curved edge line that resembles a wave.

The second kitchen is made of light laminated chipboard, but the wavy outline can be seen no longer in the finish, but in the form of upper kitchen cabinets.

When you look at the set as a whole, it creates a deceptive impression that the lockers are incomplete. But at the same time, the project wins at the expense of white color, which always looks fresh and festive, thus enlivening any interior. Both kitchens feature high functionality, competently located work area and conveniently built-in appliances.

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